Thursday, May 9, 2019

Motivation in Workplace Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

demand in Workplace - Essay ExampleThe earlier theories of pauperism include the work of many pioneers in the field such as Herzberg, Maslow etc and endeavored to analyse and evaluate the pauperism within work environment. However, the literary works on the subject has evolved over the period of time to include many all-important(prenominal) and new topics also.This move will look into the motivation concepts and theories as outlined in the work of Maslow, Aldefer, and Herzberg besides discussing the motivation opening of acquired need. It is also important to understand that this paper will attempt to analyse above mentioned theories with respect to FBI- an American way of animation involved in criminal justice.Maslows theory of motivation is one of the earliest attempts to study motivation and it advocated a systematic and staged process of motivation. According to this theory, in order to motivate an employee, it is necessary that front the physical inescapably of the employee are taken care off. ... FBI agents though might have a dear pay and most of their physical needs are fulfilled however their social security and golosh stage may non be achieved. One of the most critical flaws in Maslows theory of motivation is the fact that it advocates that an employee cannot proceed to next stage if her needs at the earliest stage are not fulfilled therefore though given the nature of the job of FBI agents, their social security and safety may not be guaranteed by their employer. In this regards, Maslows theory of motivation may not be the enchant theory to achieve employee motivation until it allow the skipping of various stages of motivation.Aldefers theory of motivationAldefers ERG theory is another attempt to look at the motivation in much broader level as compared to the Maslows theory. ERG theory is also a hierarchical in nature as that of Maslows however it attempts to reduce the stages of motivation and classify the human needs into three c lasses or stages. Existence, Relatedness and Growth are three stages of motivation as outlined by Aldefer.The outset level of motivation which is of existence suggest that in order to motivate an employee it is important that the employees physiological needs are fulfilled first and then followed by the security needs. Since FBI is a crime investigation agency and most of its employees are directly involved into crime investigation which involve possible threat to the life therefore again like Maslows theory, the safety needs of the employee are not being guaranteed by FBI. It is important to note that FBI has in place different benefits for its employees including Health Insurance benefits, life insurance benefits, retirement

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