Friday, May 10, 2019

The Environmental Rhetoric of the Simpsons Essay

The Environmental Rhetoric of the Simpsons - Essay come oncaseTodd claims that the popular culture imagery in social commentary is the rhetoric of opthalmic billets (Todd, p. 137). Visual arguments show persuasive messages to the auditory modality. Blair argues, Visual argument is to use symbols to communicate and it stack convince the audience (Todd, p. 138). The symbols or humorous characters that might be presented through visual argument can convince people. For example, showing a visual argument about the environment and what is needed as growth to protect the environment. Some visual images can be able to convince, because they might have personal or social experiences, which affect the individuals. The visual argument evidence is relevant because Todd quotes them from the argument and advocacy, which make visual arguments credible to solve problems that the affects the environment. These evidences are persuasive to the audience because they like to watch the visual ar guments. Visual arguments show the environmental problems and the result if no care is followed of the process to help the environment. Todd claims that the nuclear power whole works of the Simpsons represents the environmental politics of the real world. There should be visual explanations about the power plant regarding the negligence, which characterizes company standards for disposing of nuclear waste. Wastes are leaking out of the trashcan in a plant umber room is a painful image. Watching trashcan full of waste in a coffee room and ignoring it is a sign of danger to the environment. T

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