Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Comparative study Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Comparative study - Coursework ExampleThe study theme of the play is to portray the heroism of women and to portray how women overcome the bullying of the selfish men. The play is a very serious cheek of the society with a comical touch and also excellent intent of language across the whole play. The major theme of the play is to provide a view of how women argon able to become self respecting and overcome all the hurdles poised by men.Inside Im Dancing is a very strong story that revolves around freedom, love, friendship. The movie has portrayed a situation of two young men in wheelchairs and how they need to experience all the above state emotions. The movie has led to a number of controversies for the immaturity that is portrayed and how the individuals have been shown to be naive and emotionally immature. However it is an excellent film with a great script and excellent performances.After examining and analyzing the film, play and the novel, it is crystallize that all these trio have a common factor. All three revolve around the three major elements of manners, i.e. love, friendship and freedom. Each of three have portrayed that every culture and every life around the world need all the three above mentioned elements in life. Irrespective of whether people argon from different cultures, disregardless of whether they are normal or have any kinds of health issues and also irrespective of the class that people belong to, every person requires the three major elements in life. The freedom of women and the mightiness of women to overcome all issues across the worlds is a strength that women need to recognize and work towards gaining their complete freedom. excessively the love and friendship among friends and the need to share a common interest is another essential aspect that has been discussed. This study has allowed for a clearer view of the various aspects of life which have been overlooked in the daily muckle of work and other activities. This co mparison is an eye opener to understanding the

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