Friday, October 18, 2019

Qualitative Assesment Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Qualitative Assesment - Assignment Example Themes represent patterned responses from the data in relation to the research topic and mostly occur severally in the data set (Guest, 2012). This study aims at conducting a thematic analysis of qualitative data from in-depth interviews of passengers view on airport security of an international airline company and presents it for information generation and decision making by the management. All the passengers interviewed believed that the heightened security at the airports have increased delays at the airport. Passengers feel that the heightened measures aimed at augmenting security hamper their plans of boarding planes on time. This is despite three of the passengers blaming it on the security personnel and security measures done by the airports while one passenger blaming the passengers who lack cooperation and understanding of the security system at the airport for the delays experienced at the airports. It is evident that the main concern for all the passengers in relation to security measures at the airport is delays. Four of the five interviewees believe that there is excess security at the airports hindering and hampering the access to personal freedom rights and infringing on the passengers personal space. They feel that there is a need of the security personnel to reduce the chances of search of passengers luggage without permission and if his has to be done to be done in a humanly manner to ensure the passengers understand that the heightened security is for their personal good owing to high security concerns at the airport. Some of them believe that the full body scans could have excess radiation that may have a negative impact o their health raising the feeling of excessive security at airports. Three of the five passengers interviewed feel that there is an increase in the safety of the passengers due to the heightened security

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