Friday, October 18, 2019

Gender Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 3

Gender - Essay Example From this paper, it is clear that interpretations are irrefutable since improving men and women’s status has been a pledge by the lawmakers and supported by governments as a beginning of tasks on gender. It is evident that women have suffered considerable biases since gender issues are concerned, through policies, media, literature, folk songs, and customs. However, religious teachings and mythology have played an essential role in promoting gender awareness and equity. Favoritism, double standards, and attitudes in the society are the regular reminders of inequalities experienced in the modern world (Marshall, 2000).Gender as social phenomena aroused by the differences in our biological makeup has taken by storm the public domain on major issues politicized (Hobson,2002). Nevertheless, citizens of upright religious practices consider gender as not being critical since they cherish their differences. Contrary to my opinion, gender issue has become a concern, since my childhood girls were treated more respectively compared to boys Gender has been taken lightly to some extent whereas in other cases exaggerated. Documentation of male and female in records such as the birth certificates should not be a cause for any alarm for the sake of peace. Our dressing and genetic makeup always been a problem in that ladies have always been perceived as putting on attire that is meant for men, thus a form of disrespect.To some societies like ancient Greece and Rome, cross-dressing was rampant as the norm. There is a slight difference on perceiving gender through expressing ourselves. Despite our biological differences as human beings, we have similarities that profits all (Marshall, 2000). Normally our bodies’ change as we grow towards maturity is when the difference is noticed clearly. Civilization has brought with it complications in the freedom of choice whereby people are altering their gender (Fenster & Lees, 2002). This practice has received mixed reactions from both parties involved.

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