Wednesday, June 19, 2019

SWOT Analysis Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

SWOT Analysis - Essay ExampleValley subject area Bank (VNB), as one of the leading regional banks, offers better opportunities for professionals in banking for grammatical construction their career. In the context of opportunities available in Valley National Bank, there are diverse job opportunities such as Benefit Specialists, Branch sales Manager, Consumer Loans Quality Analyst, Loan Review Manager, Secondary Marketing Manager and Senior Attorney. Valley National Bank presently employs over 56 staff members in a variety of positions. The bank also provides salaries and package benefits to unchangeable employees. It can also be observed that Valley National Bank provides certain permanent and wide ranging employment positions. Valley National Bank is considered as one of the recognized leaders in financial services due to its outstanding performances, enhance customer services and diversified products. The bank offers wide ranging products having an asset of over US$16 billion and 211 branches along with a diverse set of customers. there are different benefits offered by the bank in the sector of health and welfare. Moreover, Valley National Bank provides high priority on customer go services through commercial and wealth trouble (CareerBuilder, LLC, Overview). ... An association with the bank in a wide range of functionalities and positions would help an individual to growth his/her coming(prenominal) by a considerable extent (CareerBuilder LLC, Overview) With these considerations, the paper intends to prepare a SWOT analysis of the organization and comprehend the prevailing employment opportunities for an individual within the premises. SWOT ANALYSIS OF VALLEY NATIONAL BANK Valley National Bank is an association of banking that has been chartered in 1927, within the laws incorporated in the get together States. It is headquartered in New Jersey. The bank is operating in around 198 full service offices all over central and northern along with centr al jump of New Jersey and city of New York in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens. The bank facilitates a variety of commercial, retail and wealth management services. Other services that are offered by the bank are internet banking, telephones, automatic teller machines facilities of safe and night deposits, letter of credit, foreign exchange and foreign banking account maintenance. The bank provides various tributary services to the customers for 24 hours in a day and for 7 days in a week (Form 10-K, Business) With regard to strengths of the organization i.e. Valley National Bank, it can be stated that the staff and managers in the organization are skillful and the operational activities are handled according to the guidelines of the organization. The managerial skills that are persuaded by management facilitate in maintaining efficiency in the activities performed in the bank. Moreover, it can be observed that the employees who are employed in the bank possess a keen learning experi ence as valuable

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