Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Employment Experiece Journal Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Employment Experiece Journal - Essay Exampleof backlog in terms of my course works and assignments and made it more repugn for me especially in internalizing the various theories in the module. The things that I learnt about in this module will help in working in a world(prenominal) business environment.This will also be useful because modern firms, even those which dont operate sphericly, have to work in a global arena and apply the tools that are necessary to operate in a global business environment. I was able to understand the various issues that are recurring in a modern business environment and how the global business environment came to be. Regardless of the many challenges that I had during the module, I was able to actually savour the module and I believe most of the things I learnt in the module will be useful in my future, either in employment or in operating my own business. Specifically, it is necessary to me because intent to start a web based business and operating a website is like operating a global business. Through this module and the personal research that I carried out, I am now able to help a business to identify the high school volume area that it can used to access across worldwide market and use this as the basis if it is expanding to the international business (Blyth & Zimmerman, 2005).This module was bingle of the most intriguing modules to study. I was able to learn a lot of things about modern marketing. Again, this module provided me with knowledge that wills be useful both in an employment environment as well as an entrepreneurial environment. While taking this module, I was able to have a few brainstorming with friends of mine and we were able to brainstorm on the various issues which were raised in the module and how valuable they are. This module provided me, and hopefully most of the other students, with a good rump to roll out a successful career in marketing, especially with regard to modern business environment and g lobal competitiveness. It was probably my deep interests in

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