Thursday, May 2, 2019

English Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words - 11

English - Essay ExampleFollowing her entering to this organization during a stay in Europe, Clara Barton was the sole advocate for starting Red Cross chapters in America. She often stood alone in this quest.But standing alone for something she believed in was not a new-fangled experience for Clara Barton. Her first job in Washington D.C. was a clerk in the patent office, where she worked side-by-side with men. She caused scandal by being so proficient in her labors that her boss rewarded her with the same pay as her manful co-workers. This made Clara Barton the target of what we would refer to today as sexual harassment (Stivers). She stood up to her male detractors and realize the respect of her boss. This was an incredible achievement and required a lot of dedication and persuasion during this period of time.She was granted the title Angel of the dispute Field because she took care of the wounded soldiers during Civil War. She served on some of the bloodiest battlefields, in cluding Antietam, Fredericksburg, Petersburg and the Battle of the Wilderness (Oates). She risked e actuallything, including her own life to care for the injured and dying soldiers she tended to. This shows her selfless attitude towards other tender beings.She did not even care for her own life because she was so dedicated to serving others. Clara Barton was a very human individual, however. She was not perfect in her interactions with others and in her personal relationships. Some feel that par of her bewilder to succeed and accomplish great things was rooted in the fact that she was often given to bouts of depression when she was not fighting for a cause (Burton). This depression did not keep her from greatness. In 1861 Clara Barton, she was appointed as the overseer of Nurses and in the year 1869 she again served the soldiers in the Franco- Prussian War. The year 1873 saw her return to United States where she began to deck up the Red Cross. It took almost seven years for her t o start the Red

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