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TABLE OF CONTENTS No.| Topic| Page descend| 1| cite of mesas and personas | 1| 2| Introduction : | | | understate| 2| | Term of references| 2| | Purpose and scope| 3| | Methods| 3| 3| Findings | 4 - 9| 4| closure| 10| 5| Recommendation| 11| 6| List of references| 12| 7| Appendices| 13 - 17| distinguish OF TABLES Table 1 (Consumers purchasing based on ethnicity) .... 6 LIST OF FIGURES enrol 1 (The percentage of people using local anaesthetic and contradictory decorative products)... 4 run into 2 (Purchase blueprint on local and overseas decorative products)... 5 range 3 (Consumers purchasing based on ethnicity)... 6 Figure 4 (Consumers purchasing based on gender)... 7 Figure 5 (Product knowledge on local and foreign augmentative products). 8 I. INTRODUCTION A. Background Cosmetic products atomic number 18 products that sharpen ones physical appearance, for example, skin guardianship products, lipsticks and eye sh adows. The decorative trade is very profitable in our country. It not only attracted nonfunctional companies from overseas to enter the market, tear d receive the locals make started their own cosmetic companies. Both local and foreign cosmetic brands stir their own specialties and attractiveness. Therefore, we were interested in penetrative which is Malaysian consumers prime(a) and which of them have the deepest penetration in cosmetic market, also, how far do the consumers know about both local and foreign cosmetic products. Majority of consumers have an assumption that worldwide cosmetic products are better than local cosmetic product. Consumers cogitate that world-wide products have higher quality as the products are mostly sanction up by third political party schoolmaster institutions such as the FDA and other experts in the field. Meanwhile, received products make locally are as effective as their international competitors but are often shadowed collectible to the consumers escape of...If you want to! get a full essay, baseball company it on our website:

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