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Sociology Mid-Term Exam

1.Three major theoretical perspectives, is functionalism which Durkheim and Weber are associated it is utilisation to study and analyze every form of fond system. The chip one(a) is conflict theory which has origin from the sociologist Karl Marx among many others, such(prenominal) as C. Wright Mills. When explaining relationship between parts of a social system and the inequalities that exist among these parts they would use conflict theory. The symbolical interactions theory perspective emphasis that people act on the basis of their interpretation of the language and symbols. It was developed by the efforts of George Herbert.

The Triangulation was introduced by W.E.B Du Bois, It serve purpose as where two or much question orders are used to ensure the validity of ones finding. He was not recognized at first-year because he was an African American.

2.Selecting a topic: point as to which you want to research.
Defining a problem- clearly articulates the problem on a lower floor investigation and defines the concepts to be studied.
Reviewing the literature- demonstrates that you have a significant sagacity of the problem being examined. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!

Formulating a surmise- sociology research involves two types of methods that is vicenary and qualitative, qualitative will typically utilize research methods objet dart quantitative will utilize the hypothesis.
Choosing a research method- the research outlines the method used by the researcher to test their hypothesis or answer the research question
Collecting data- step where we indentify the grouping of people to be studied.
Analyzing the results requires to consider the type of research method used qualitative collect techniques requires the research to look for patterns, themes, or trends during the analysis of data. Quantitative data involves, converting the data to numbers in order to run statistical tests.
Sharing results-offers new questions for upcoming researches. ( notes,pg73-82)

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