Thursday, March 12, 2020

Essay on What were the signs of gender inequality at EMC

Essay on What were the signs of gender inequality at EMC Essay on What were the signs of gender inequality at EMC Essay on What were the signs of gender inequality at EMCThere were numerous signs of gender inequality at EMC. First of all, the company expected sales agents to pursue aggressive sales policies and to develop friendly relationships with clients by engaging in various entertainment activities. Many of these activities were male-dominated and sometimes discriminatory, for example taking clients to strip clubs (Bulkeley, 2007). Furthermore, it was assumed that sales agents would spend evenings and weekends entertaining clients and trying to win their positive attitude (Bulkeley, 2007). Such expectations placed additional pressure on women because women are generally responsible for a larger part of household work and it is more difficult for women to slice off their free time.Promotion policies and account management routines in EMC were also discriminatory. Managers could reassign accounts from female sales agents to male sales agents (explaining it by the fact that male sales agents had a family to feed), could decline promotion for women basing on the fact that women would not participate in hunting, fishing and other activities meant to lure customers (Bulkeley, 2007). Furthermore, most women in EMC were underpaid, although EMC explained by the specifics of sales work and the amount of effort put in by male and female sales agents. In addition, males in EMC made offensive remarks regarding women, which made the atmosphere even more hostile.How could EMC improve the culture for gender equality, and what suggestions do you have for improving the culture and working conditions at EMC for both women and men? Use the small wins approach suggested by Myerson and Fletcher.EMC should consider changing its culture and practices in order to create a more friendly workplace environment for women; these changes will likely contribute to a more efficient working environment for men as well. It is optimal to use the small wins approach suggested by Meyerson and Fletcher (1 999). Small wins mean small incremental changes in the companys culture, rules and practices targeted at eliminating biases embedded in the system (Meyerson Fletcher, 1999).In EMCs case, it is necessary to formulate precise criteria for promotion and for re-assigning the accounts. These decisions should not be made by one person, but rather should be reviewed by several managers from different departments. In addition, it would be better for EMC to stop funding leisure activities arranged by sales agents. Such practices are controversial, and they require notable time investments of sales agents. Both men and women might burn out when they have to spend evenings and weekends with their clients instead of their family. In addition, EMC should ban ambiguous corporate practices such as inviting showgirls to celebrations and using openly sexual context during such celebrations. These changes are likely to make EMC a more convenient working place both for men and women.

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