Friday, February 7, 2020

The Two Methods to Improve Your Critical Thinking and Writing Skills

The Two Methods to Improve Your Critical Thinking and Writing SkillsIn a classic essay, every paragraph consists of one good argument. Every sentence of argumentative essay can be grouped together in logical sequence. Arithmetic, logical sequences, and logical laws provide logical premises for the argument. The argument is constructed based on logical laws that are designed to support the factual statement.An essay can also have emotional content. The reader, while reading the essay, will not be interested in arguing and the essay is not about the argumentation. The essay is most interesting when the reader is interested in the views of the writer.There are two methods to improve your critical thinking and writing skills. One of them is presented in the second article of this series. The other method can be learned by following the advice in the article, Self-Awareness. The first method is to identify your weaknesses, and fix them. We all have weak points. That's why we have to avoid internal criticism.Weaknesses are an automatic barrier to our success. If we can identify the weaknesses, we can make up for them. If we start taking care of our weaknesses, our productivity increases. Writing and critical thinking cannot be accomplished if we do not identify our weaknesses.The second method to improve your writing and critical thinking is to figure out your own personal objectives. No one else knows what you are aiming for. You will need to make up your own subjective personal goals to put your opinions, stories, and experiences in your writing.Writing and critical thinking are made for each other. Take time to learn to recognize your weaknesses, and figure out your own personal objectives. You will be amazed at the results that you will achieve!

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