Wednesday, September 4, 2019

From a Dream to Reality Essay -- Teaching Education Essays

From a Dream to Reality When I decided to go back to school my objective was not only to increase my knowledge and receive a degree, but I decided that the only profession for me to pursue would be to earn a degree in teaching. Not because a business or computer degree would be out of my grasp, I can learn anything necessary to do a job, but because by earning a degree in teaching I would be able to fulfill a dream of mine that I had held since my own days in school. I want to be able to help children reach for the dreams in their lives. That is the reason that I have begun this program of study, to fulfill my life ambitions of becoming a teacher so that I can help inspire children to reach for their dreams that they are holding. Even though I’m starting college with this plan of being a teacher later than my colleges, I will be able to help them and my future students by sharing my life experiences that have occurred so far. I have always had a way with children, they seem to be comfortable around me and I like taking the time to listen and talk to them so that they are able to express what is on their mind. I believe that by being an available positive role model to them in their elementary school years I can make a difference in their life. Children are very special and I believe that it takes someone that is more interested in helping the child than in their job or the paycheck, to help make a child to succeed. The time I have had in life to observe people it has become apparent to me that if a child is not succeeding in school, there is a very good chance that as an adult, they will not succeed either. Though if that child has a positive role model in their life this may increase that child’s success rate. When that ch... ...e best role model for them. By being from a low-income family of seven children and being male I did not receive the encouragement that I needed to go to college. I was more or less told to graduate from high school and get a job. But I never let my dream die because I needed more out of life than a job. With this background I can show my students that they can achieve their goals. Obtaining or completing a degree in teaching is more than going to college and getting a degree. It is a profession that has a purpose, and that purpose is to help other people, and for me those people are children, to help them become whatever it is that they dream. To make this happen I will not only have teach them, but also to learn from them and help them learn from the world. By doing this I will become one of many excellent teachers who have helped me reach for my dream.

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