Monday, September 23, 2019

Dq-Sheila Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Dq-Sheila - Essay Example Case studies as well as phenomenological studies are both appropriate for qualitative research (Astalin, 2013). The two research designs start with research questions that direct the type of data to be collected. Interview and observations as well as review of documents are the main sources of information/data to both designs (Cheneli, 2011). Despite being similar in some aspects, case studies and phenomenological studies have differences that make them unique from each other. Phenomenological study gathers information on the life experience of research subjects (Kafle, 2011). This research design is used to illuminate the reaction of the subjects to a specific phenomenon. Case study on the other hand relates to an event or a program that have specific influence on the research subjects in a given environment (Cheneli, 2011). The data collected aim at investigating the exact benefits of a subject being in one environment compared to the other. Due to the nature of the research design, phenomenological study ask questions that aim at exposing inner perceptions of a subject on a particular issues (Kafle, 2011). The interpretation to such information paves way to attaching meaning to reaction. For example, a phenomenological researcher may ask a question like; what is the importance of going through formal education to an individual? This question gives room to the research subject to express their view based on experience. The person will respond to such questions using their live world. A case study on the other hand asks questions whose focus is evaluating the effect of the different surroundings to the research subjects (Hyett et al., 2014). A typical question in a case study could be; what is the best approach to addressing negative external influence in an organization? This question directs the subject to think in line with different

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