Saturday, August 24, 2019

This Book is not Required Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

This Book is not Required - Essay Example As well, the authors of this book - all of whom are incredibly qualified and respected - critically discuss the ever so important matter of how academic life distinguishes between that of learning the institutional roles of higher education, combined with that of the matter of internalizing these particular rules. Furthermore, this book has many quality features included, such as real-life student vignettes that are completely honest and which perfectly address that of actual issues that are facing college students in the world today, and as well there is an overt encouragement of a participatory college education and personal reflection for students in regards to that of various different disciplines. In order to truly understand a literary work such as this, you truly need to divulge into the core parts of the book, and in this case that would refer to the concepts that are included: concept 1, and concept 2. Concept 1 is incredibly important, and it actually helps in several different ways, in particular by helping to explain what is actually going on in the book, and it truly involves the matter of encouraging students to educate themselves by doing several things, one in particular being to call their attention to that of the personal, social, intellectual, and spiritual demands and opportunities that are offered by the college life in general. The second concept is one which basically further describes the first one, however it is one which more so describes that of the impact of the college life, how it affects the students, and what they should do in order to make the matters that they deal with in college life more applicable to that of everyday life. Both of these concepts are extremely important, and truly are what makes this book such an essential read to students and the public in general, and applying these two concepts to the book truly helps you to understand it better overall, and in many different regards at that. This can be proven by the fact that this book is one which was actually revised by actual college students, and this was under the direction of Bernard McGrane, who is one of the authors; this helps not only to make the book actually true, but also to give a perspective that will be precise rather than assumed, thus allowing the aimed age group to truly be able to understand and familiarize with the matters of this book as a whole. The text in this book is given in an incredibly personal and refreshingly is it able and does truly take the critical discussion of academic life and then distinguishes it properly so that it is literate and understandable for the readers; which is favorable because it allows the readers because they will be more interested in something that they can relate to as opposed to something that is intolerable or not understandable or recognizable. One of the most influential chapters of the whole book

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