Saturday, August 10, 2019

Flexibility at work Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Flexibility at work - Essay Example Technology has changed the way the society works; thus many employees demand flexibility in order to become highly productive. Therefore, it is vital to offer work flexibility in the workplace because this will create organizational transformation; thus contributing to effective business performance. Spitznagel (1) attempts to reveal the way flexibility in the workplace has tremendously changed for the recent decades. The author reveals an example of an engineer who had already made significant transformation in his work process. Funaki who is an engineer skips his way into effective performance level and he carries a legacy from his former experience (Spitznagel 1). Transition from engineering to circus performing enabled Funaki to achieve better work related performance aspects because of flexibility in the workplace. Yost (para 5) argue that keeping updating innovation skills for work plus life flexibility strategy is vital in the current business world. Therefore, organisations w ill often implement a work or life flexibility policies to enable them improve business activities. Yost in his article provides varied ways of building flexibility in the future workplace; thus letting workers manage their time in the workplace can enable the company to improve their performance level (Yost para. 1). Many organisations have realized the significant of flexibility in the workplace; thus his has become one of the aspects of transforming the organisation towards achieving success. Therefore, many organisations have made significant efforts of avoiding the common traps by adopting new and flexible frameworks vital for creating effective organizational performance. One of the ways is making the goal work together with life well and this is through describing the flexible needs of employees so that this can reflect on the realities of professional services in the workplace. Recognizing that work plus life fit is an issue for every worker because it will enable employers to retain and manage workforce effectively. Creating a shared vision of work plus life flexibility is another aspect that can enable the business to accomplish their business goals successfully. Work flexibility can contribute to employee motivation and this is imperative because motivation in the workplace is one of the fundamental aspects for creating successful business performance. Many organisations such as General Mills organisation offer their employees options for flexible work situations such as working from home, support teamwork in specific areas and many other aspects. For instance, Chris Vocal, the general manager of General Mills Company talks about his work experience of working in an organisation where there is work flexibility (General Mills 2012). Moreover, Holmes (2011) argues that providing flexible work arrangements in the contemporary society is vital because this can contribute to success business performance. Holmes, the vice president of World of Work soluti ons at the Manpower Group believes that working from anywhere and the skills required to get work done have significantly changed because of technology advancement (Holmes (2011). Therefore, building a better future workplace demands flexibility where employers should trust their employees and employees should be flexible to accomplish business goals

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