Monday, August 26, 2019

Final paper Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words - 8

Final paper - Essay Example Natural law is based on the independence of supernatural considerations and natural foundations. Natural law has two perspectives: the transcendental and evolutionary. The due process was developed to ensure that individuals had their rights and freedoms portrayed and that they had a fair trial in defending themselves in the court. The crime control method, was however, implemented to ensure that weak cases were finished up easily and discarded as soon as possible; the model ensures that bigger cases, which are important, would get more attention from the courts thus an earlier conviction (Dautrich and Yalof, 2012). The due process aims to ensure that a person in any contact with a criminal agency cannot have his/her rights refused minus the appropriate applicable legal measures. The basis of this model is that a person has some fundamental rights that are needed to be upheld by a criminal agency. The model has less faith in the justice system compared to the crime control method. However, the model is useful because it controls the forcible powers of the agencies; and if there is an error or mistake, the accused can defend them. Thus, the principal aim of the model is to create a system that the accused is assumed innocent until his/her guilt is proven by the court of law (Dautrich and Yalof 2012). The crime control model condemns a person for performing an action which is perceived to be criminal. The model prioritizes the conviction of individuals who have committed a crime yet they do not want the court system to decide them. The model is focused on conviction and innocent individuals may end up being convicted for the model to achieve its goal. The model comprises of some assumptions: justification of rights for the victimized, heavy dependence on the prosecutorial events and the deduction of guilt (Kraska 2004). The crime model is a conservative

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