Friday, August 2, 2019

David The Great :: essays research papers

Creative Writing: A Hero Adventure David the great was a true hero, I will now tell you why, he went through all of the events that heroes go through such as a departure, initiation and return. He also was a national figure, he led the Romans to victory in war and was well known by all, and was also forced to leave his family in time of need knowing he may never return to see them. So here is the story of David the great. It all started when the Cyclops was released onto the earth from his underground cell and started to torment the world and was destroying city after city until David the great and his loyal army were called upon to stop him. But he was reluctant to leave, for he had just been married to his wife and were expecting a child, and knew he may never see his family ever again. But David knew he should go, for so many lives were at stack not only his own, the people of Rome were also at risk, the giant Cyclops was running wild through the city destroying anyone and anything in his path. So David left for Rome for he knew it was his mission to go and battle the Cyclops with his great army and save the Romans from certain doom. So he left with his army after the tough good bye for Rome. On his way to Rome, David stopped at the temple of Wisdom ,who was the god of knowledge, and asked him how to kill the Cyclops. Wisdom told David that the only way to k ill the Cyclops was to stab him in the eye so he could not see. So David left for Rome and when he and his army got to Rome they saw the destruction that the Cyclops had unleashed onto the city, the buildings were all torn down in heaps of rubble and fires had started in some parts of the city. So David and his army wasted no time and went for the Cyclops, but the Cyclops just picked up the men and ate them like they were little action figures. And then David was the only one left and he and the Cyclops froze for a second when there eyes met, so in all of his rage, the Cyclops picked up a vendor’s cart and hurled it like it was a small rock.

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