Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Personal Epiphany Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Personal Epiphany - Essay Example Since my destination was still an hour away, I did sit back to observe the station. To my astonishment, a group of children dressed in dirty clothes rushed into the train. Before I could realize what was happening, they started to do all sort of things – begging, singing, offering to polish the travellers’ shoes, cleaning the floor and selling knickknacks. I happened to notice a very small boy who stood out from the crowd. His grimy face camouflaged cherubic features. There were four of them in the group, but all the others dispersed as soon as I met them. I guessed they went to the other compartments, probably in search of other large-hearted people scattered in the train. The lady sitting next to me was complaining about the heat and how she failed to get a ticket in First Class A/C due to the pilgrim season. She also realized that the food served in the train was not something to her taste and was about to throw it away when the boy went near her and stretched his palm to her as his pain-filled eyes implored all those in the cabin. In a reflex action, she shoved the food packet to his hands and he went out of the train and stepped to the platform in a hurry. It seemed that he was just looking for some food and forgot the need to get something more before the train moved. As the train stayed in the station for five more minutes, I couldn’t help looking outside to see what the boy was up to. I saw him settle down near a pillar and open the packet hastily. I also saw how much he needed the food, from his slim frame and the anticipatory glee writ large on his face. At the exact moment he opened the packet, I saw an older girl like him, in tatters, approaching him and before he could do anything, she snatched the packet away from him and started to run through the platform making hysterical gestures. She laughed aloud and threw the food

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