Monday, July 29, 2019

Event Handling and Web Forms Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Event Handling and Web Forms - Essay Example An event takes place whenever the user performs an action. The user’s causes an event and when the web page reacts to this event true interactivity between the web page and the user is born. The start of event handling took place when Netscape version 2 browsers were launched; this browser supported JavaScript and hence also supported events. Netscape 2 supported only a few events. Mouse over and Mouse out were two events which became famous with this browser. The Netscape 2 browser was also able to detect the submission of a form, the resetting of form and the time when the page has completed loading (Jackson, 2007). However the problem started with the advent of browser wars between Netscape and IE. Both of them created completed incompatible event models. Thus at present we have to deal with three event models – the Netscape navigator 4(NN4), Internet explorer 4 and the most recent one – W3C model. The first step to ensure cross browser compatibility is to reg ister the event handler. There are four main ways of registering the event handler – inline, traditional, W3C and Microsoft. The best method is to use the traditional method as it is completely compatible across all the browsers and will not cause any problem in any of them. After registering the event; the actual script writing takes place. ... The area where the browser computability is the least is reading out the properties of the event. In this we have to ensure that very detailed object detection is used. The first step should be check if the property exists in the browser and if it does only then should the value be read out (D Flanagan, 2011) The last thing to be decided is the event order. The code –writer has to see if he wants the event to bubble up and if that is not the desired result; the propagation of the event should be stopped. The compatibility between different models is a problem; however if we take in to account the precautions mentioned above a workaround can be easily found for all the platforms. DQ 2 Web Forms Since their inception in the early 1990’s, Web forms have become the essential interface of the transactional Web. They are a central component of e-commerce applications and are use to collect business critical information. It has also been said that Web forms are changing the pa radigm of Business workflows. Do you agree with this? Discuss this in relation of Business workflows and data collection at various points of these workflows. Any company that is engaged in e-commerce has to deal with information at three stages – ordering of a product, processing of that order and shipping the product to the customer. Different information needs to be available at these three points and also needs to be transferred from one point to another. Web forms are one of the most exciting innovations of modern times. They allow the business to interact directly with clients, prospective customers and even the employees of the organisation. With the advent of web forms business workflows of

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