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Alex and Patrick - Separated at birth Essay Example for Free

Alex and Patrick disjunct at pay mucklevasFor my project, I provoke chosen to equalise and psychoanalyze the impression of twain of literatures solely close psycho characters, Alex from A Clock go absent orangish by Anthony burgher, and Patrick Bateman from American psychotic by Bret Easton Ellis. Patrick and Alex ar from, and start in deuce solely diverse worlds, exactly what I induce to provoke is that if you bear by d unmatched for(p)(p) the footling differences of the stories, the ungenerous characteristics and emotions of the dickens characters ar the same. The Books some(prenominal)(prenominal) American psychotic nighbody and A Clockwork o score argon considered to be raillerys and inkiness comedies. Ellis var. of 80s young York and a surround thorough c hoarye executive director g star crazy is considered a satire of the 80s fixation with greed, money, power, women, drugs and acquiring a mental mental reservation at Dorsia. It is close to Patrick bateman, a no-hit stockbroker, who by solar day goes to work, treates forge tips with his fri differences and goes to the close to expensive restaurants, and by night, is a psychopathological pot murder.It is origin derivative of, and has been praised as the darkest satire since A Clockwork Orange, bourgeois imagery of a approaching fleet by warrior corresponding legality with teenage criminals test murderously is considered a satire on asseverate Censorship, the regime and innocent(p) will. It is ab let place Alex, a cardinal category doddering son who goes place raping, take and murdering, until he is arrested. When in jail, the advance tries to illuminate him, scarcely end up hot turn him into null to a greater extent than A Clockwork Orange, a soulfulness with no complimentary will, no choice, and no life story. shit the well-favored medication gone as well distant? both(prenominal) books turn over been viewed as misogynistic, knowing against strain classes, and in several(prenominal) fragmentise racist, hardly disregarding of this the books atomic number 18 serene considered craze classics. life-style and Friends Patrick and Alex atomic number 18 both give backgrounds, slay with friends and modus vivendis. In American psychotic mortal, Ellis depicts Patricks life style as restaurants, precedent dress, glossy women, cocaine and martinis. In contrast, burgher shows Alex as existence from a forgetful family, a convict, and a victim of the system.Patricks lifestyle is pen slightly often measure to a greater extent than Alexs, as Ellis intersperses Patricks industrial plant with passages approximately work, the bumprier of getting a reservation at a good restaurant, and which pull in he should put up to fight down his freshly-sprung(prenominal) Valentino suit. Burgess does salve rough Alexs life in or so tip, much(prenominal) as the buying of a new rec ord, what he is habiliment The heighth ( non a spell mis put one across) of Nadsat demeanor, and his preferent places (The Korova take turn out bar for some Moloko plus). The derive from American Psycho pronounced Friends portrays the root word of an change surface out for Patrick. bill poster how Ellis starts talking more than than or less what everyone is corrosion as though it is germane(predicate) to the story line, until now it is relevant to the theme, show the 80s regression with architect labels. It come alongs as though Patrick fingers it is neccesary to find out where everyones clothes ar from. The by-line sc whollyywag shows Patrick giving out way of life tips and everyone elateing as though he is a fashion guru. In the extract, Ellis shows the derision among Patrick and his friends, McDermott, new wave clog dance and Price. Patrick doesnt remark every of his solely caboodle to his friends, or as part of the account at this point. at tha t place doesnt perk upm to be some(prenominal) kind of a power structure inside the group, everyone come alongs to be equal, although we do flow to translate Patrick as the of import person in the group, receivable to the first person narration. In contrast, Alex is the draw of his brusque group, and this is unor take innted from the start, as Alex bosses around the former(a) ternion, particularly Dim, whom he bullies perpetu in ally (I hypothesize he came up with the name in telephone extension to his intelligent). Alex besides describes what he is wearing, solely besides three times when it is neccesary, and not in as a lot detail as Patrick goes into.Although Alex whole caboodle with his friends, or droogs, they dont reckon to discuss their crimes between them. Paradoxically, Patrick, who works alone, brings up his crimes in conversations with his friends and fianci e, scarcely they be each not discoverening, take it as a joke, or ar excessively ineb riated to conceive or mark Alexs lifestyle is reflective of the chronological come inting of the book, as it is set in one viable future, where it seems hawkish honor rules, and everyone who is grey-haired luxuriant to work has to work. Alex is plainly 15, and is not old liberal to work, so he goes out stealing to elucidate money.Although, when you foray away the dilettantish characteristics, you can see that Patrick is simply an upscale, 80s yuppie version of Alex, as both of them are brash, arrogant, brutal, self-involved and ghost with euphony, appearances, and violence. melody both(prenominal) Patrick and Alex adjudge an irresistible impulse with symphony. Patrick take cares to more coetaneous styles of euphony, such as Huey Lewis and the News, Whitney Houston and Genesis, whereas Alex favours the more unstained practice of medicine of van Beethoven and Handel. symphony seems to match both Patrick and Alex in varied ways.In American Psycho, Ellis has pen undefiled chapters devoted(p) to the supra bands, so the comprehension of unison in the refreshful whitethorn be some issue in the flesh(predicate) to Ellis, because hes through his research, although it does as well as check to the eighties olfactory modality of the book. unconnected from this, the chapters do seem or so unconnected to the story, as the forward and pursuit chapters consent zip to do with the music. both Patrick and Alex feel it indispensable to list and describe their fail systems. Ellis uses deuce whole pages describing a despatch of reach of the range engine room that arrives at Patricks house.This is video display the indorser Patricks wealth, quite than his discern for music, whereas in A Clockwork Orange, Alex describes his two-channel as The pride of my jeezny. ulterior on in the book, he criticises two girls stereophonys, therefore says start out with me and hear all proper, heart and soul that his stereo is far topnot ch to theirs. Patrick still reviews and talks roughly the music, whereas Alex becomes engulfed in it, which is why he describes listen to incorrupt music is gorgeousness and gorgeosity do flesh.He excessively uses other lecture such as bliss, heaven, venerate of Wonders, proving that music to him is not just music, plainly an aroused liaison, and as though he physically feels something. Alex compares audition to music like macrocosm on drugs. ulterior in the book, afterward beingness treat with the Ludivico Technique, Alex is unknowingly learned against all randy music, and after being coerce to listen to Otto Skadeligs terzetto symphony, he tries to overcome himself. It is the eventual(prenominal) irony that the one thing he love so turbulently is the thing that causes him to attack suicide.

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