Friday, June 14, 2019

Organization in the Freight Forwarding Industry Research Proposal

Organization in the Freight Forwarding Industry - Research Proposal ExampleOrganizational channel or change, in general, can be defined from a variety of points depending on the perception of the user. An individual or employee in an organization may facial expression at a new post or position as a change while higher management may feel it is unimportant. (Cao et al, 2000, p187). Changes viewed also by management may also not be looked upon as change by outsiders like competitors or suppliers. This has led to the categorizing of change in respective(a) ways, some of which include strategic and non-strategic change, incremental and radical change, changes of identity, co-ordination and control, planned and emergent change, change in terms of scale, human-centered change in terms of individual, root and inter-group or organizational level, quantum change and so on. (Cao et al, 2000, p187 Todnem, 2005, p372). Innovation is a management change process. There is a growing number of existing literature on value drivers, core competencies, and success factors in an organization. E.g. Sim & Ali (1998) compared the attributes and performance of firms from developed countries with those from developing countries within the same industry, Park & Russo (1996) focus on the differential impact of firms size to its success and parents shareholders value, Hagan (1998) and Prahalad & Hamel (1990) focus on the core competence of an organisation, however, none of these studies has addressed the qualities and salient features with respect to a particular organisation. Under todays fierce competition it has pose increasingly necessary to probe into some of the puzzling questions of what factors create an organization dominance and success in one industry while others continue to meantime behind. This is the primary question this paper seeks to address with respect to Innovation and cross-functional team. The main research question, therefore, is to find out how innovation by cross-functional team creates a strategic breakthrough in companies. Thus this paper has as the main research objective to evaluate and analyze innovation by the cross-functional team as a competitive breakthrough in companies. The paper draw samples from the freight forwarding and transportation industry. 1.2Purpose and Objectives of Study The main objective of this piece of work will be to analyze the effect of innovation with a cross-functional team on the activities of the organization.

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