Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Technology. The Way Of The Future? :: essays research papers

The 90s has been a decade full of controversial and world changing events. The first one I could think of would have to be the Persian disconnectedness War with Iraq. I think that war brought together the United States, stopped our fighting with each other, and helped us focus on one common enemy, ibn Talal Hussein Hussein. The next thing we did was send troops to Haiti and to Somalia to help protect the people and the failing governments. Once again the United States was brought together in a cartridge clip of war. However, I believe that the one true Zeitgeist of the 90s isnt the wars that brought us together but the information and technology age that will break us apart. The way that late products are being developed each day in the next 10 to 20 years almost everything will be automated and some being will be out of a job doing nothing.The Internet is now one of the biggest things in the world today with the help of companies like American on Line, CompuServe, Prodigy, Phil lips Web Tv and all the other companies that are trying to get rich off of it. They say people can stay in the safety of their denture while they can shop, talk to people online and even send things like birthday cards thanks to companies that advertise on the meshwork like Hallmark and Disneys family page. The Internet also offers a way to get information from a wide variety of sources like Comptons Encyclopedia and other profitcapable tools. The Internet offers all of this stuff for us to browse through without leaving our home that pretty soon no one will leave their home especially with newer technology coming out everyday.Computers are the wave of the future and with modems and the Internet and now teleconferencing many more people will be staying at home while they work. New inventions like processing chips that can run billions of commands in a matter of seconds that soon will be able to take control of robots and other machinery that will make human work obsolete.Detroit, Michigan home of the General Motors automotive company was once a gigantic flourishing community that had a huge population base. Now it is all made up of a few factories that have a very down in the mouth population base that is mainly operated by machinery and giant robots.Just recently both of my parents started to work out of there homes.

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