Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Status of Recruitment in UK Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Status of Recruitment in UK - interrogation Proposal ExampleThis will also give the employers the idea on the satisfaction level of their employees in terms of their policies, salaries and benefits, and professional growth. This will give the employer ideas on what to improve more to satisfy the needs and expectations of their employees.This select will employ the descriptive method using questionnaire as the main data-gathering tool. The questionnaire will be collected of two, first is for the employers and the other is for the employees. The questionnaire for the employees will use a Likert scale for the responses of the employees. The questionnaire will be floated personally by the researcher.In terms of analysis, the gathered data will be treated statistically. The frequency counts, percentage and pictorial presentation techniques will be employed. The weighted mean will also be employed to narrow the satisfaction level of the employees.To test the hypotheses, the chi-square test of independence will be utilized. This test will hear to evaluate if two variables affect one another (Pagoso and Montana, 1993). The alpha level will be .05. The prescript to use isWhereOi = observed frequency Ei = an expected (theoretical) frequency and n = the number of possible outcomes of each event. propagation Pagoso and Montana (1993) Introductory Statistics Rex BookstoreManila,

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