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Public Display of the Ten Commandments Essay Example for Free

Public Display of the ex Commandments EssayPeople often go out memorization exhausting and more like boresome. All those numerous row and lines to remember tend to tire and bore more or less of them. Moreover, or so of the time, they tend to memorize vertical for the heck of it and non for the benefit of understanding and knowledge. The ex Commandments atomic number 18 some of the most every solar day lines that Christians should memorize and know by heart. These lines stick out long served as Christians guiding passages and words towards the path to function and morality. However, considering the generation todaywhen more and more throng shun the idea of memorizing and indication very thick pages result the ecstasy Commandments still possess their utmost magnetic core? Will they be able to serve their purpose of guiding the slew towards dandyness when not all told Christians nowadays be able to memorize them? In what ways can the Christian Church take car e that people are still living up to the message presented by the ex Commandments?These are vertical some of the uncertainties on the effectiveness of the Holy Bible in reminding people around the ecstasy Commandments. Is interpretation Enough? Today, as the developments in the information technologies continue to rise, the usual activities like conversing, organizeing messages, and even claiming can be done through the use of a computer and an internet connection. Considering this reality, doubts on whether people nowadays are still grasping the idea of the 10 Commandments by sympathizeing the Bible whitethorn arise.However, this can be possible if there are numerous electronic copies of the Holy Bible lendable for people to access anywhere, and such copies have plenty of attractive ocular designs, as humans are inherently visual beings (Pahlavan 270). gentles visual system is supported by other sensory(prenominal) organs which empower and strengthen its sensitivity t o stimuli. Putting these facts in simpler terms, a person is said to have a natural tendency to prefer things which are more attractive to the sense of sight preceding(prenominal) other senses.Hence, it may be understandable why people tend to read more one-sided and visually attractive materials compared to the intimidating and profound words of the Holy Bible. Knowing this, it can be inferred that put a Bible beside a person who has the access to the internet and all its wonders would reassure that that person would read it and understand what it says. Furthermore, people can no longer expect most children to prioritize the memorization of the Ten Commandments when they have all those tough and demanding homework and projects to do.Thus, is the Christian Church still assured that people read The Bible and the Ten Commandments everyday? If not, then how can the Ten Commandments be further promoted? Appealing to Humans Visual Preference At present, the huge banners, billboards, posters, and different visual advertisements are typical fit along roads, malls, and literally almost everywhere. Various creative, artistic, and innovative ways are now used good to disseminate information better.Nowadays, these methods are typically through very visual advertisements. The message of the Holy Bible, specifically the Ten Commandments, is considered as the most important and relevant checking of the Christian faith. Compared to the open service announcements of the government, malls gross revenue promotion, introduction of a new brand of soda, and all the other general topics of ads today, it seems that the promotion of the Ten Commandments and all the other relevant messages of the Holy Bible has become a little unmerited.It is ironic that these messages are what appears to be the most significant and relevant messages for the people, yet why are there more ads for sodas, clothing lines, celebrities, and TV shows as compared to these important reminders? Also, if the Ten Commandments appear to be the greatest instructions and guidelines the people must approve with, why are there simpler and shorter road signs and traffic rules displayed compared to these profound yet very important words to follow and live by? This seems to be the greatest irony in todays advertisements and visual display practices.The significance of the Ten Commandments has been an eternal and undying idea among Christians. People exactly know that the Ten Commandments are the written key for salvation and freedom for sin, yet these commandments are still left unadvertised and unheralded compared to how the big ad agencies promote different products which do not actually level to the significance of the Ten Commandments in peoples everyday lives. Looking at this truth, it may seem disturbing and appal how people value information that modern advertisements promote while they recant the message of the Ten Commandments unperceived or disregarded.It also seems depres sing, considering how the attitude of people towards these commandments has changed over the generations. This change in attitude and interest exponent have been caused by the technological advancements that the intelligent and creative minds of people themselves have created. Thus, it may appear needful for the advocates of the Holy Bible and the Ten Commandments to go and ride with the growing technology in order to assure that people are not forgetting the Ten Commandments.With this effort, it can also be assured that people will always be reminded about these commandments and what they really mean. The display of the Ten Commandments can be most typically seen in churches. People seldom see these messages displayed in billboards or in freedom walls and posters. However, knowing the sizeableness of these commandments in the lives of people, will it be improper to publicly display this message, or is it more appropriate to leave these messages in the pages of the Bible, hence l eaving the choice to people whether they will choose to read it or not.Considering the abovementioned claims about human beings as visual creatures, and about the growth of very powerful advertising techniques, it may therefore be necessary for the Ten Commandments to appeal to the human sense of sight in order to clutch up with the powerful advertisements people see nowadays. There could be several ways on how this limited message can be promoted in order not to violate other beliefs and culture. What matters most is to send the message and assure that Christians will always remember its significance wherever they go.A variety of eruditeness theories attest that remembering does not usually happen in the blink of an eye. In reality, it actually takes most people a certain period of time to remember something and fully understand its meaning. Memorizing and remembering the Ten Commandment are not an easy task as well. It is not also everyday that a teacher asks their students to memorize the Ten Commandments. Thus, people are not really sure as to whether the Ten Commandments are still remembered and observed nowadays. With this, it only goes to show that proper endorsement, exposure, and promotion are what these commandments really need.If public displays make a brand of soda very popular worldwide, how overmuch more help it could do if a list of simple messages would be displayed to remind the people about moral stability and righteousness of the world? If powerful advertisements can make a politician and a celebrity known globally, how much more can it remind people about God who should be the most influential and the most popular idol above anyone else? This is not a major impossibility people are just being hesitant to make it happen. The Bottom LineThe Ten Commandments, in reality, may not be the most popular set of phrases and commands there are for people to remember. Yet, these commandments must be the most popular and the most significant set of messages that people should remember to live by everyday. While most people nowadays tend to overlook and disregard the Ten Commandments, people can never deny or refute the fact that the commandments are the simplest and the most fundamental set of laws that Christians must follow each day of their lives in order to preserve their moral stability and their positive and open connection to the Lord.The Ten Commandments are even considered as the fence which, when broken, may let a sheep out in an open celestial orbit without any direction and sense of security (Frederick 1). It does not actually take a Bible nous to understand and fully grasp the message of the Ten Commandments what someone needs is a person who is energetic and willing to embrace what the Ten Commandments say in order to understand it fully. Perhaps, having these commandments displayed publicly may not violate Gods will, for it might even give Him great help in disseminating the good news.If people are able to re member the many traffic rules there are on the roads. It may not be that hard to remember these simple commandments. If people are able to internalize popular phrases and quotes from politicians, it may not be that impossible as well for them to grasp what God is trying to teach people through the Ten Commandments. People are not always reminded everyday about the grandness of the Ten Commandments and how these commandments should be lived out as well.Thus, displaying these special messages for public view may appear not just as a reminder but as an eternal and unchanging message as well of how the Lord wants His people to be always righteous and be on the right track. workings Cited Frederick, Allen. Do the Ten Commandments Matter? . Helium. com. 13 March 2009 http//www. helium. com/items/1206086-thou-shalt-not. Pahlavan, Kourosh. Designing an Anthropomorphic Head-Eye System. Visual Attention and Cognition. Eds. C. Freska, H. S. Stiehl, and W. H. Zangemeister. Amsterdam, The Nethe rlands Elsevier Science, 1996. 269-292.

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