Monday, April 22, 2019

Personal Statement Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 17

Personal Statement - Essay ExampleIt will make me tint obliged with how I take up breedings different sunglasses every now and then. These are very significant pointers that shall shape up my life without any doubt.As far as my educational domains are concerned, I have attained the same from the United States. hitherto though I was born in Indonesia, my education in the States has taught me to get acquainted with the norms of life in a very comprehensible manner. The adopted country has instilled in me a sense of confidence and fulfilment which I would not have learned had I been somewhere else. More so, I have constantly continued to follow the footsteps of my father which is something that remains very quintessential towards my domains. Since he has been a successful businessman, I aspire to be much like him and in fact even more at times. This gives me gigantic pleasure to know that my father is indeed my role model as far as my nonrecreational undertakings of life are conc to attain higher level education as university offers more cloudy knowledge than a college. I want to absorb the knowledge that has been imparted my way. My aim is to discern how well I become apt with the information, education and knowledge that come within my domains. It will only make me olfactory modality contented and satisfied with who I am and how I aspire to get the best out of my life in essence.One of the most important reasons behind transferring to the university is because I feel United States education is something to feel happy about. It offers a host of opportunities to the professionals all around the world and there is reason to believe much(prenominal) a dictum. This shall enable me to further my career within the field of business. It will also allow me to be at par with the business avenues and advancements that are happening on a continuous basis. I would signal the authorities at the helm of affairs to kindly allow me a chance to showcase my o riginal mettle as this will be the

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