Monday, April 29, 2019

PERSONAL REFLECTION Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

PERSONAL REFLECTION - Essay ExampleThe course change magnitude my ability to lead a workforce in an organization, especially based on an engineering milieu for which I have a background. The course content opened me to think about my personal panache of leadership. Based on what I unwrapt, I recognize that my philosophical approach to leadership can be described as laissez-faire a rather laid back approach that dwells on adequate to(predicate) information supply but indirect involvement in the affairs of an entity. The leadership style bestows combining on otherwise members of staff and provides feedback on a regular basis, commending and criticizing staffs based on their performances (Famiza, Kassim and Nasharudin, 3).My nature of leadership could develop further through adoption of more technology-guided means of data acquisition for timely insurance coverage of information. I deem I need to get more acquainted with more social media platforms and unify email and virtual communication forums such as Skype into the regular reporting schedule. I feel I have inadequate knowledge of how best some of the platforms can be of use, and Ill seek to learn this within a short time frame.I further realized that my notion of leadership lacked empathy, and I could often treat workers like people who cannot be allowed to fail at times. Upon attending the course, I realized that being empathetic creates room for quality reasoning, and helps me relate the events in other peoples lives to my own. I have learnt various qualities of good and bad leadership, and how each style could affect both relationships with staff members and customers and eventually affect the goals of the company. For instance, autocratic leadership leads to low staff morale, and affects both output and attitude towards customers. On the other hand, participative leadership allows input from all members, thereby ensuring that inclusivity is enhanced. I

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