Friday, April 26, 2019

MPH522 - Public Health Law and Policy, Mod 1 SLP Essay

MPH522 - e rattling(prenominal)day healthfulness Law and Policy, Mod 1 SLP - Essay ExampleEdward Jenner lecturinged about inoculation in 1796 and diseases like colour fever, scurvy and other health threats were noted by Public health in 1798. Edwin Chadwick in 1842 began to talk about the needs of a solid public health system. John Snow handled the cholera pandemic and learned about the Bradstreet pump. Florence Nightingale brought forward the need for hygiene and district nursing. Lillian Wald is known as the aim of public health nursing as she and her teams began to work with the populations. Then there of course was Robert Koch, Louis Pasteur, and many others. The American Public Health Association was founded in 1872 ( This paper will discuss how this historic and honorable arrangement works with other agencies, in this case the Center for Disease Control and Prevention with Public Health Nursing and the Food and Drug Administration with Pharmacists.The above history gives a picture of how closely Public Health organization really work with other health practitioners as there would be very little of any of the above processes if public health had not gotten involved along the way. Public health nursing provides such services as health promotion, disease prevention, and intervention as well as support services to women, children, and youth. As noted one of the interventions and responsibilities is communicable disease control. In this venue, they work very closely with the Center for Disease Control to assure that what the public needs to know as well as new information is made available. The mission of the CDC is to prevent and control communicable disease utilize tools that are available for preparedness.CDC works closely with community health nursing in healthcare associated infections such as MRSA and community acquired pneumonia as well as aids and TB, antibiotic resistance studies which keep the obligate updated on what is workin g and what is not so when they do education with the local nurses and hospitals, it is clear what

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