Friday, April 19, 2019

Functional organizations are described by organizational charts Essay

Functional organizations are described by organizational maps. Explain wherefore a temporary organization such as a project can benefit from utilise an organizational map - Essay Examplelpful where projects involve various departments and participants who stand to coordinate their work or when they are required to report to a person from a different department. Some projects involve operative with new faces and one has to learn to recognize these new faces for better efficiency under these circumstances, an organizational chart comes in handy because it not only has the faces of the participants of the project but also their names and their different roles not to mention it provides a constant reference point.An organizational structure helps in better management of resources and personnel department by preventing duplication of roles and capacities moreover, it helps reduce the work load of managers and supervisors as it shows the number of people they have to contend and th e various departments that have to report to them.If the project is to take a considerable length of time, an organizational chart is used by project participants to see their promotion options and the vacancies that surround them. This way they dont have to miss out of opportunities that they can easily take advantage

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