Friday, March 15, 2019

The Thankyou Letter :: essays papers

The Thankyou Letter I doubt that the format of this letter brings either true romance to what I am ab give away to say, as typed delivery and printed letters argon harsh and unfeeling. In this day and age, however, I enounce that this is a faster and easier way than paper and ink, a letter scratched out lovingly by hand. Dont read it as such(prenominal)as sterile and unfeeling. For the words I put down here are the same, if more fluid, than those of anything I could possibly write using the more traditional methods. And please dont be daunted by the flowery prose that I am using, as presently I am in a strange, floating mood that leaves the room for nothing unless softness and exaggeration of expression in what I feel. Im sitting here at home looking through what seems alike a whole other lifetime of stuff and Im thinking of you. Im thinking of you and I like what is footrace through my head. My heart is presently jumbled anxious, ill suited for only if sitting aroun d with nothing to do. I want a veer somehow, and I do not know where, or how, or why. all(prenominal) I know is Im worried and the thought of you sightnister no longer make it better. To say that things in my life are changing would be an understatement. To say that they are constantly doing so would be a bit of a lie. As there have been time when I have been stuck in the same rut, floating about in a sea of ennui and non-movement. Still, Im afraid of change, to be honest with myself and with you. Im terrified of it. Im a creature of habit and though on the surface I can appear chaotic and unpredictable, I find solace and comfort in that which is stable, that which does not rock the boat, as it were. But paradoxically, that same comfort is what kills me, what rips unconnected my creativity and dulls every sense I lay claim to. You changed that and I was and am no longer sitting still, Im locomote forward, sometimes moving in to something unknown and wonderful, som etimes being shoved so fast into it I cant quite see whats around me. It was beautiful, the feeling.

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