Tuesday, March 19, 2019

The Holocaust :: essays research papers

Hitler had a plan to ? cleanse? Germany in order to fulfill his vision of a perfect nation.In Mein Kampf, a book written by Adolf Hitler which explains his ambitions and explains how he wants to cleanse Germany of all Jews, communists, gypsies, homosexuals, and disable people. Hitler had targeted specifically the Jewish population because of his hatred towards them. In World fight Two, around 6 million Jews were persecuted by the Nazis. Firstly, in 1935, the Nazi political party passed the Nuremberg Laws, which were designed to stop Jews and Germans from marrying, to make sure that German blood was non tainted by mixing with separate races, and produced pictures warning people near what could happen. People were ?warned? about which shop belonged to the Jews and were discouraged to buy any goods from Jewish stores. It was conspicuous that this racist law passed by Hitler was very degradingly towards the Jews. Despite that about people were not ignorant and knew this w as wrong, no one dared to oppose the Nazis delinquent to fear. Anyone that opposed the Nazis was to be shot. Hitler realized that this was not effective enough in order to achieve his goal. The Nazis had a meeting to discuss more economical ways to eradicate the Jews. In 1938, the situation took a more flagitious turn for the worst. Called the night of Broken Glass, the Nazis started to use frenzy against the Jews. Jewish shops, churches, and other buildings were openly attacked. People became subjected to violence. It would lead to the start of more systematic violence. The violence escalated to the pinicle of the tragedy that the Jews experienced, the Holocaust. From 1939 onwards, Jews were rounded up. They were forced to move out of their homes. Jews started getting direct t o areas in cities designed only for them.

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