Monday, March 11, 2019

Mounties v. Cowboys Essay

1. Sarah Vowell reverses her friends assertion of Canada not beingness inspirational by writing close to the Royal Canadian mount police, and how they atomic number 18 different from the Statesn cowboys who were taught to shoot any Indian that approached camp. The Mounties knew to repress Americas problem with the western Native American tribes. She comparings Canadas one law for e actuallyone to the America that perpetually spoke of equal rights, to that degree they still have a lot of work to do about it. Although Canada may ascertainm care a boring country that hasnt authentically begettere much, it was actually a place of refuge for the northwesterly Native American tribes back in the day. The Indians called the border line amid America and Canada the medicine line, and if they did not want to be knife thrust at for approaching American settlers, that is where they needed to go. It may look analogous the Mounties havent done anything dangerous or victorious, but th ey are cognisen for their fairness to Indians who seek refuge in their country, and that is how I see Sarah Vowell reversing her friends assertion that Canadian history isnt inspiring.2. I gestate Sarah Vowell was expecting her readers not to be so surprised that Americans dont really think about Canada at all. Canada isnt really considered a curse to America because its such a peaceful and harmless country. Sara vowell flat mentions how Canada gained independence done polite meetings with Britain. Other countries would only go to war to gain their independence. If Canadians could gain their independence just for being nice and cooperative, what is there to worry about? People dont really ca-ca Canada seriously anyway. Canada is like that one neighbor that never leaves the house, but is always happy and welcoming when people go to visit. So when an American says they dont think about Canada at all, they mean it.3. Cowboys v. Mounties is a rhetorical mode compare and contras t essay. Sarah Vowell compares the Canada and Americas patriotism. She compares the Canadians who are so selfless and non-violent, to the Americans who are so aggressive and prideful. One way we know for sure that this is would be a compare and contrast essay is just by reading the title. It says Cowboys V. Mounties. Another way we know that this is a compare and contrast essay is by the way the Canadian woman asked an American man what Americans really thought about Canada. His response would later precede into the authorcomparing two countries.4. Sarah Vowells introduction strategy begins with pertinent background material. She starts off her first sentence in all chief city letters, and that definitely catches the readers eye. I like the way Sarah Vowell keeps her readers interested and curious through her opening sentence CANADA HAUNTS ME. Of course, people want to know how a very peaceful country could haunt someone. I think that the audience that Sarah vowell was try or ex pecting to hook was the Americans, and that her whole purpose was to change their point of find on Canadian history and their country. 5. Sarah Vowells opinion in the preaching is similar to her ideas about American and Canadian culture in Cowboys v. Mounties. provided from synthesizing the article and quote from the book, we could tell that in general, Sarah Vowell thinks that the peaceful and cooperative America that everyone dreams of is actually Canada.In the quote and article, it looks like Sarah admires Canada for the way they handle things, like their fairness to everyone. It looked like she was move to say that America needs to be calmer instead of being all aggressive, and that they need to start acting on things they always speak of. Both of these countries were under the rule of Great Britain and they some(prenominal) wanted independence. They just achieved it differently. America went to war and Canada went to meetings. I think what Sarah vowell is trying to say thr ough her writings is that America doesnt need to be so prideful and mean just to be a gigantic country.

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