Thursday, March 28, 2019

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1918 Germany looses the war newspaper publisher Germany looses war. Hi Im turncock and I am 4 years old. Germany disordered World War 1 and Germany wasforced to go for all blame for the war, and had to pay reparations to the Allies. Germanywas also forced to have allay trade that made our economy crash.1920 The rise of the NazisMom Peter injection what there is a new political group named the Nazis. They believe that Germany demand to overturn the treaty of Versailles and combat communism. And people like us in the middle class and lower class support them.1922 seethe garden cart economyIm at the store with my parents and you are witnessing the wheel barrow economy. To pay the expenses of the war, Germany simply printed money. The paper moneysteadily lost its value. In 1918 a Berlin a loaf of bread cost little than a mark in 1918 and now it cost more than one hundred sixty marks.1923 Hitler arrestedat the dinner table Mom- Peter Hitler was arrested, because he attempted to accept power and failed. Theytried to get him for treason and they sentenced him for five years in jail.Peter Thats horrible now how are ever waiver to get out of the treaty Versailles.1933 Hitler named chancellorHitler being namedI am now 19 years old and have been watching Hitler kind of a bit. The Nazis Has become the largest political party. Hitler has been named chancellor, oncein office he acted quickly to strengthen his position. He called for new electionsand the majority voted for him, so he demanded dictatorial power for 4 years.1934 Hitler takes control of economyDad- son we arent poor anymore, and I now have a job its all because of Hitler.Thanks to him making new laws like the banning of strikes, fade away independent labor unions and giving the government authority over descent and labor our economy is going to stabilize again.Peter Wow soda that is really great Im so happy.1934 Peter Joins the NazisPeter in his uniform or diaryI joined the Nazis and so has pret ty much everyone. Hitler has convinced allof the Germans that Jews are evil and has apply them as scapegoat for all thetroubled we have had since the war. This led to anti-Semitism across the wholecountry.1935 Hitler breaking treaty of VersaillesNewspaper Hitler breaks treaty Oh my perfection I cant believe it Hitler had always wanted to expose the treatyof Versailles. The treaty of Versailles limited the size of the his army and in

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