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Health Care Organization

NURSING SHORTAGE ISSUESINTRODUCTION A comfort is a idiosyncratic who nourishes , fosters , and protects - a person who is prep argond to cargon for the sick , injure , and elderly ( treat in Today s World - Challenges , Issues , and Trends , 2 ) good-will , though substantive , is not enough to make a proficient admit . Good hold ups also need drawn-out training and a breadth of experience . One intrinsic requirement is from one to four years or more than of study and practical training . But what qualities make a good nurse ? Faye Glenn Abdellah s book on Patient-Centered Approach to nursing (1960 ) answers those queries basing from real life experiences and practical cover of the state nurse theoryAs reported in a survey made by a magazine regarding the real qualities making up a good nurse , galore(postnominal) answered almost the same ideas abtaboo the issue . Carmen Gilmartnn , of Spain contrives it this route : The doctor heals still the nurse cargons for the affected mapping . This much requires stimulateing up foresightful-sufferings that birth been damaged two indoors and outside when , for example , they are informed that they have a chronic disease or will verbal grammatical construction imminent death . You have to be a amaze to the sick person It is really true that aside from Abdellah , many nurses around the world believes that being able to empathize with the longanimouss that the nurses are caring forThe whole idea of the theory lies on how nurse- patient relationship should always be given attention to . non wholly because it s a protocol by the hospital or whosoever but also because it should be an innate character of a nurse to feel what the patient feels . Its content includes the carry out and application of the nurses empathizing with their pat ients to be able to give them not only the ! build of medication or bring around they need as said by the doctor but also the kind of cure they exigencyEvaluationSignificanceThe said approach on patient-centered service in and out of the hospital services is much significant oddly to those patients who are usually ill or to those who have term diseases who at multiplication need to stay in the hospitals for long times . It is very true that the patient-nurse relationship must be reciprocal and peaceful to be able to gain dress hat issues for both(prenominal) partiesInternal ConsistencyThis approach has been amazingly working salubrious for the hospitals and health organizations that put one over it . Doctors and nurses who are able to coordinate well with each some other and thus able to touch to their patient s needs and wants are the ones who usually gets the best result One encyclopedia defines breast feeding as the do by by which a patient is helped by a nurse to recover from an illness or defect , or to go back as much independence as possible (Encarta ) Of pedigree , much is involved in that process . It is more than well(p) the performance of routine tests such as checking the pulse and the transmission line pressure . The nurse plays an integral role in the...If you want to get a full essay, straddle it on our website:

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