Friday, January 24, 2014

William Wordworth, "London, 1802"

William Wordsworths London, 1802 is about the loss of glory in the nominative setting as comp atomic number 18d to the noble kingdom it was before. The poem indicates that if Milton were vitality in 1802, he could serve as a canalise light, bringing Lond onenessrs back to their former state; the speaker at long last shifts from speaking of Milton to speaking to him directly. Wordsworth is able to excrete this to readers using burnished namery, diction, pace, and choice of details. In the octave, Wordsworth uses images and figurative wording to paint a portrait of London in 1802a fen with religion, state, and books stuck, going like a shothere, stagnant. The note of hand of this image is dreary, and al or so unsettling. London, instead of being the prosperous, innovative, forward-moving city it was before, is now falling behind. Because of the Londoners [forfeiting] their English fate of happiness, they draw forced England into a cultural and societal halt. Where at one time noble Anglo-Saxon men dwelt, there ar now selfish, materialistic, greedy men. They have given up their manners, virtue, freedom, power, for its easier to go about life in a narcissistic way. The Londoners have lost their traditional automatic good genius and replaced it with a lifestyle motivated solely by rideting the virtually for oneself with the least amount of work. They are selfish men and paying attention to be [raised] up by someone that proved to be an exemplary English citizen. Wordsworth calls on Milton to come back and hap to Londons men their righteousness and strength. In the sestet, Wordsworth shifts tone and utilizes figurative language, details, and imagery in order to offer up Milton as an example of the ideal London man. He shifts from presenting his hero-worship to instead showing how the citys faults can be corrected by emulating Miltons behavior. He juxtaposes the way Londoners are now to the way they were i n Miltons time; eon now they are selfish s! hells of men, Milton himself had a soul...If you want to suck up a full essay, order it on our website:

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