Monday, January 27, 2014

The Good War- Book Review

Studs Terkels The Good contend was published by The pertly Press in1984. The price of the book is $14.95. Studs Terkel is an Oral historian from Chicago, who has write several other books such as Coming of old age and Hard Times using the same format he uses in The Good fight.         Studs Terkel was a graduate of the University of Chicago in 1932 and then from the Chicago Law School in 1934. He worked as a disc jockey, a radio actor, a television mc, a sports commentator, and a radio host of his pick out show, which is currently running on WFMT in Chicago. Terkel is a Pulitzer take in Winning author who has written his books based on the interviews he has done all over the globe.         The basis of The Good war is not terribly hard to figure out, all soul has to do is read the front cover and one throne easily guess Terkels cornerstone is World struggle II. From the first interview to the last Terkel gives the reader over vitamin C different windows (interviews) to view World War II through. So I would be wrong to say the only theme of this book is World War II, but I do feel that that is that one of the two themes of this book. The war and more importantly the way lot viewed it are the themes.         Terkel interviewed many different passel with many different views of the war and of the home front. He interviewed Americans, Japanese, Germans, civilians, captive of wars, entertainers, people in government, blacks, whites, privates, sergeants, and generals. He made accredited that the reader got a view of how the war treated Japanese Americans by interviewing those that were forced into internment camps and often had leave businesses, family, and friends shtup to residual in horse... If you want to get a plentiful essay, order it on our website:

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