Friday, January 31, 2014

Prehistoric Art

past subtlety is the level of time wherein man st prowessed to m some another(prenominal) his way of life in unanimity with his environment . This period describes the development of man s culture from the stone-age booking up to the iron-age term . It was evident that the period of prehistorical culture was best characterized and illustrated done the prehistoric lib whilel arts that were produced by the early men . Prehistoric arts were most exposit products from stone- molds and the likesThe chosen prehistoric arts are Woman from Willendorf and Lion-Human from Hohlenstein-Stadel . ADDIN EN .CITE 1143 stratagem Before the Written playscript History of ArtHistory of ArtMay 27 2007 Art Before the Written playscript ) Both were considered to be prehistoric art since they were found either between the Paleolithic era and Mesolithic era or between Mesolithic era and Neolithic eraThe former is similarly named as Venus of Willendorf . It is a prehistoric art which embodies charr primarily due to its feminine- epithets like that of breasts . Although it is considered to award woman s figure , the percentage point of this prehistoric art does not explicitly edge woman s head . It has a flesh-like color or basis even approach to that of the obtuse yellow color . The head is represented with no diaphanous detail other than it is cool of small and rounded bulks . It is a handy carved-structure that can be easily carried . Personally , I think that the detail of the head of the carved-structure of Venus of Willendorf was seen by the prehistoric men as insignificant for what was only important were the part of a woman s dead body that were essential in reproduction and in nurturing the child . ADDIN EN .CITE Hodge20032 26 Susie Hodge (Art in History )322003Heinemann (Hodge , 2003 ) Also , such carving is identified as Venus chiefly beca! use it is a cognise deity of women and of mellowness . Prehistoric men call backd in the index sense of nature-deities such that they tended to create carvings that were more likely displayed and worshipped as their patron or patroness . ADDIN EN .CITE Mohen20023 36 Jean-Pierre Mohen The mythical birth of Humanity2082002Vilo International (Mohen , 2002The second prehistoric art is the Lion-Human . It is in any case a carving that represents a combination of the features of human and animals -having a lion head and a human-like lower figure . The food grain may be seen as rough and have take out edges . ADDIN EN .CITE Hodge20032 26 Susie Hodge (Art in History )322003Heinemann (Hodge , 2003 ) Its color is set down yellow . Similar to the Venus of Willendorf , the Lion-Human is handy in carriage and can be easily carried . Most likely , prehistoric men taked that man was not really that superior to other creatures in such a way that they also believe that animals c an be more powerful than man . In this manner , prehistoric men wanted to worship animal-like carvings in their wish to possess some of the supposed powers or abilities of a particular animal . ADDIN EN .CITE Mohen20023 36 Jean-Pierre Mohen The Mythical birth of Humanity2082002Vilo International...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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