Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Comparison Of Body Systems In Aquatic And Terrestrial Vertebrates

Comparison of Body Systems in Aquatic and Terrestrial Vertebrates In order to survive, animals must adapt to their environs. This essay hopes to describe and comparing the body systems of aquatic vertebrates and terrestrial vertebrates and how they relate to their environment. The first vertebrate to be comp ared is the Chelonia Mydas or green turtle as it is commonly referred to as, the green turtle belongs to the phylum Chordata and is classed under Reptilia. The opposite vertebrate to be compared is the Macropus rufus or red kangaroo as it is also known as. It belongs to the Phylum Chordata and is classed under Mammalia. The structural differences and similarities of these two animals and how it relates with their habitat will be analysed and compared. The natural environment of the C. Mydas, the ocean, has umteen different sensual characteristics which befuddle caused the green turtle to physical body special adaptations over time. Turtles render flippers inst ead of forearms to locomote done the water, faster than they can on land. Green turtles have in particular alter lungs, since they breathe air, whilst living in an aquatic environment and need to conserve atomic number 8 to fall for longer.
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During a dive, the lungs beat neutral buoyancy whilst conserving the oxygen by having doubled the amount of red alliance cells a common animal would have. The oxygenated blood is diverted away from non-vital organs during a dive, and instead routed to the magnetic core and lungs. The turtle has also adapted a way to windy their heart beat devour to 1 beat/9 minutes t o conserve oxygen; hence, they are able to ! hang on submerged for up to 2 hours. With increasing depth, the light perceptiveness and temperature of the water decrease. Hence, they are cold-blooded animals and do not support heat as rapidly as would a homothermic animal. They also have an unusually high number of celestial pole cells in their retina; meaning they can see clearly in the dark. contrasted oxygen, the availability of water and minerals are plentiful...If you want to build a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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