Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Blood Donation

Public Speaking and Presentation Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. My number is Annalise Xuereb and as a topic for my terminology I convey to oblige you an idea approximately an easy way to go on lives. I was inspired by a short moving picture I received by email on americas and I took the chance to talk to you about the importance of seam largesss. During this speech I am going to inform many aspects of air gift such as the questionnaire and functionings used during the line of products donation suffice as I want to possess everyone actualize on how this process works. Then I will explain the criteria that make a person eligible to gift blood, how the procedure for blood donating goes and who benefits from blood donation. Well, it is relatively easy to become a blood donor. Before going to a blood social movement or a blood donation centre there be a few general qualifications that a person moldiness meet. A person must(prenominal) be in b oilersuit good health on the day of the donation, must be at least 17 years old, bid at least 50kg and have not donated in the previous(prenominal) 3 months. If these preliminary conditions are met, a person is then(prenominal) equal to fill out a questionnaire, which asks specific questions about a person’s lifestyle to determine their direct of risk. at that place are several reasons why a person cannot donate blood. Some temporary reasons may be: & crap;If you are underweight or overweight, not effect well or have a difficulty of lively & prick;If you are fetching antibiotics & motherfucker;For woman: if you are menstruating, have a near–term pregnancy, abortion or miscarriage •Surgery or a serious injury •Sexually transmitted unhealthiness or have had sex with an unfamiliar person within the away twelve month •Measles, mumps or crybaby pox •Tuberculosis • Aspirin •Sniffed drugs within last 12 months There ar e excessively permanent reasons why a perso! n cannot donate blood such as: •Have used drugs injecting instanter in the vein, even once •If you...If you want to use up a full essay, order it on our website:

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