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World Religion

pontiff GregoryIntroductionpopes always inspired admiration , reverence and fear among the ordinary pursuit of the Catholic or Christian faith . They seemed to be individuals that are far above the ordinary mortals . The papal office is very powerful , for he is the head of important of the most widely organized religions in the world , influencing the lives of millions of its pursual . The history of papacy , however , is not free of contention for there are pontiffs that seemed to abuse their power and try to tell the politics of their times . But some pope neer wanted to be a Pope in the introductory place . One of them is Pope GregoryPapal office never attracted Pope Gregory . All he wants was to serve as simply as he could . He the secluded , austere liveliness of the secret , contented to pray alone day and lent discus up to the needy . But he cannot elude the allow of divinity fudge . Although not all popes had been monks through his practiced example Pope Gregory set the trend of preferring Popes with monastic stern demesnesThis will discuss the life , works and contribution of Pope Gregory to the Catholic Christian religionHis lifePope Gregory was natural to what can be called a family of saints in 540 A .D . He came from a noble papistical family who renounced fortunes and wealth in run of God . He was a descendant of Pope holy man Felix III . His pay off , Gordianus , was a Roman senator before he became one of the seven cardinal-deacons in charge of the poor and vile in the hospitals His get under ones skin , Sylvia , was a godly woman who entered a small discourse near venerate Paul s in Rome , nourishment a life of holiness that had cr work throughe an dream for the Catholics of her time . After her d haveh , she was canonized by the church service , and i n her memory a feast of Saint Sylvia is not! eworthy every 3rd of November . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Aside from that Pope Gregory to a shifting had two canonized aunts , sisters of his father , Saints Tarsilla and AemilianaPope Gregory was born a snowfall after Rome had fallen and many of European countries concussion down into the hands of pagan conquerors , specifically the Lombards of the Germanic tribes . The Lombards were the cruelest of all invaders , at their wake were massacred people , wasted cities despoiled towns and churches fire to the ground . Pope Gregory , in his boyhood , had witnessed the cruelty of these conquerors , for they came through the urban center s everal(prenominal) times , capturing and besieging it . Many towns were left with no inhabitants , no one to till the soil and to care for the starving animals . St . Gregory in particular recounts later how the Lombard s forced forty Christians to worship a substructure s head sacrificed to the devil . He recalled how Italian peasants were sacrificed to the Lombard gods after refusing to eat the food previously sacrificed to himSaint Gregory first became a monk , an embassador to Constantinople , an abbot in the monastery of St . Andrew and later became...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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