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    Acetaminophen or, what most population know as acetaminophen is the most recognizable and, commonly used everyplace the takings medicates. acetaminophen serves various purposes. acetaminophen is used to relieve biting sensation and, to also reduce fevers. The drug has been around for some(prenominal) generations. For much than 50 years now, Tylenol has been trusted and, elect by millions of people all over the world. Tylenol was introductory introduced in 1955 by a Philadelphia-based pharmaceutical union named McNeil Laboratories.  In 1959 McNeil was purchased by Johnson & Johnson, angiotensin converting enzyme of the worlds most view pharmaceutical companies. Tylenol quickly became dominant in north-central America. Because Johnson & Johnson was such(prenominal) an established federation, McNeil was able to expand Tylenol sales end-to-end the next two decades. Tylenol had be practise the number angiotensin converting enzyme trouble oneself killer whale in the United States by 1976. Tylenol has greatly expanded since it first debuted back in 1955. The drug first was used solely for incommode moderation and fevers but, directly the lodge has over 30 different products. Tylenol caters to everything from allergies and sinuses, to moth-eaten and flu relief. The drug comes in liquid form, mousse caps, capsules, and tablets. The companys annual sales in 2004 were $2.4 billion. The company was collide with hard in 1982 when they were faced with their first crisis. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
septette people died in Chicago after taking bare(a) potence Tylenol, which had purposely been con taminated with cyanide.  After the scare th! e company came come out of the closet with tamper proof gel caps, and trine sealed containers. The company lost $100 million callable to the crisis. Tylenol has had several(prenominal) products recalled since then but, still remains a concealment vender in North America, controlling 35% of the pain killer market. Tylenol is often compared to Motrin, which is also a medium-large over the counter pain relief drug. The active trimmings in Motrin is ibuprofen which fights inflammation in in the corpse and muscles. Tylenols active ingredient acetaminophen is used for pain relief, and to reduce...If you command to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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