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propagation Y, like galore(postnominal) generations before, is beginning to take reigns of the seduce field. As the gratify boomer generation continues to age, multiplication Y is piss to take their place. The young and smart generation is otherwise enunciate apartn as echo boomers and millennials (Armour, 2005). This generation is made up of as many as 70 million Americans (Armour, 2005). The name Generation Y: Theyve arrived at work with a saucily view by Stephanie Armour, explains how Generation Y is going to shift the operative world with their fresh, smart, and impatient style (Armour, 2005). With mettlesomeer expectations of themselves and their employers, Generation Y is following in the footsteps of the baby boomers, however in a much faster grand. Millennials expect to get urinate drop of their time efficiently and push themselves to be smash than the undermentioned person. They ar constantly ch every last(predicate)enging themselves to gain more(pr enominal) existledge and everlastingly seeking a learning opportunity. pose goals is one direction that they challenge themselves and form ownership inside their c atomic number 18er. Yes, this article points step up many of Generation Ys admirable characteristics, but when I interviewed a woman from the baby boomer generation, she pointed come forward the negative characteristics that Generation Y encompasses. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
If this generation continues to get all caught up in this fast pace environment and the high speed technology going on around them, they argon going to lose sight of whats sincerely important in this life (Kobes , 2012). An example she gave was! family. So many millennials are draped up in this technologically pass on world, that they arent making time for friends and family. Generation Y is as tumesce caught up into technology, such as cellphones, internet, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and much more. Many are losing sight of the basics like physical communication. Yes, this technology is revolutionizing each aspect of life, but Generation Y doesnt know how to use it for the correct advances it was meant for. Other...If you want to get a technological essay, order it on our website:

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