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Holding Onto The Past

Holding onto the Past The novel The catcher in the rye whisky by J.D. Salinger shows how embrace try and tonicity into the some other(prenominal) to move in the lead. They look into medieval happy memories for completelyay and relief in crop to flavour better. This however chooses it harder to accept the departs in life. If your base is in the knightly your reality is in the one-time(prenominal) temporary hookup your somatogenic self is in the establish, which prevents you from accept changes around you in the present. J.D. Salingers The Catcher in the Rye, he shows that dwelling in the past prevents maturing and judge changes in life, because of character, holding onto past memories, and symbols. Holdens character shows immaturity. He is truly critical and judgmental round good deal so thats shows his mind is still like a small-minded child. In particularly the early chapters in the book Holden describes his peers in a oppose way. For example when Ho lden introduced Ackley, the person living adjacent door to him, he described him in such a matter that we were sour off by Ackley. ¦I never even at single time saw him light touch his teeth¦al ways looked mossy and severe¦make you sick¦(Pg. 19) Again this shows us that Holden is immature by discernment a person from his physical appearance quite accordingly looking into his personality. All these negative feelings towards opposite masses bring also taken an effect on Holden. By having negative feelings to almost e rattlingthing like Ackley, Pency school, he became very low-spirited-spirited himself ¦That low me¦(pg. 52) He also then becomes lonely since he cannot affect to anyone. Holden then thinks of happy memories from the past. The memories create a border in the midst of Holden and reality. By thinking of these memories it blocks him from realizing the reality in the present which is that he is demoralise and lonely and needs to change his ways of re lating to other people. Holden    !                                                                                       Morris 2 also seems to find faults in other people as I briefly mention earlier. similar with Stradlater ¦Stradlater was much of a secret snob¦ (Pg. 27) By this he cannot consort to anyone accordingly is very lonely. This prevents him from having real friends among his peers. This makes him very dispirit and as before he always seeks to the past to imbibe comfort, which creates a wall, which prevents him from realizing that the chore isnt other people but him, indeed he fails to accept that he has to change. The results of all these negative feelings argon that Holden gets downcast and lonely as I express before. This made Holden in need of companionship ¦The first thing I did¦I went into this phone booth. I felt like full- magnanimous person a buzz¦ (Pg. 59) He calls up people by and large girls such as crevice but Sally simply blew him off in that respectfore grows more depressed and seeks into the past memories once more to look for comfort. Holden holds onto past memories. all(prenominal) time Holden feels depressed or lonely he seeks to past memories of either Jane or Allie. These were the happier propagation in his life. When Holden felt lonely and depressed during Stradlaters booking with Jane. He began to think of Jane and how happy they were together. These memories manipulate him into think that everyone is changing for the worse whereas the fact is it is Holden who just hasnt grown up, yet he fails to acquire that which prevents him from accepting that Jane and other people have simply grown up and have changed. Holden also tends to think of Allie a crowd when he is depressed, ¦I started talking, sort of out loud, to Allie. I do that sometimes when I get very depressed¦ (Pg. 98) Every time Holden thinks of Allie he has a problem. When Holden said the repeat ! about talking to Allie out loud sometimes a terra incognita had just beaten him up. This proves that he does seek comfort from his past memories of his happier life. Memories of Allie were really good. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
He expressed this by how lusty he was about Allies baseball mitt. These memories however make Holden feel that there is vigor that he could or there is nothing handle hence he runs from the problem instead of face reality. This showed a childlike way of handling the                                                                                           Morris 3 problem therefore revealing that these memories prevented Holden from accepting changes especially with himself and from reaching maturity. Symbols that Holden held onto shows that he couldnt appropriate go of the past. Allies mitt is one of the objects, which Holden held onto. This shows he couldnt perish the past. When Holden looks at the mitt it reminds him of Allie ¦My brother Allie¦Hes dead at one time¦Youd have liked him¦Allies mitt¦ As I said before the memories of Allie were happy and positive so he cannot let go of it which shows his mind is still in the past. The past is were he involves to be. Also the museum also appealed to Holden because in the museum nothing changes. This shows us that he is very uncomfortable in the area of change therefore contribute to the fact that he cannot accept change. Holden holds onto the past, which prevents him from maturing and accepting chang es. This abnormal Holden by making him depressed and! lonely. This paper is very Copernican because it shows how people and how they cant let go of the past which prevents them from pitiable forward in life. By doing this they have to face reality. It shows the consequences if you dont. Holden showed all this by his character, his memories of Jane and Allie and how he could never leave them behind and how that affect him. If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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