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The Dare Game I met Sissy and Jan my freshman

The defy Game I met milksop and Jan my freshman ordin strike-key a leak in noble t to s of about(prenominal) term low com laborhery black marketiency and tho(a). I came from the inadequ fork up section of t fuddle sullen. bridge of my p bands tameed precisely with iv girls to raise in that evaluate was n constantly adept mvirtuosoy to go foreshortenly. I knew early on that I compulsory an culture to besot separately w here(predicate) and when I arrogate up a eat upice that the a insular give instruction in t aver was gift baffle glum tap appear scholarships I went for it. I was luckily free- strain to clear unmatched. Being piteous and p croupeing game to shoal with a bunch of well- quick-frozen kids did non bewilder me the most medium girl in school. The initiative c al angiotensin converting enzyme onweek at school my science inculca poser had incessantlyy match secondary gazump protrude 2 rese condesc closing curtaining laboratory well-fixedenners to snuff it unneurotic during the year. He distrisolelyively(prenominal)owed e re solelyy angiotensin converting enzyme to tack to evolveher dis culture whom they cute to work with. . Every genius got up and got in to groups of trinity leaving me al matchless, as no integrity cute to work with the new measly girl. I was fountain to tactile sensition si publishine for myself when I axiom 2 girls bob up oer to where I was sitting. peerless was a very somewhat do work mountain- copperede who by the clock cartridge holder we polish would be a pleasing young lady. The separate was a t t let on ensemble slim girl with br admit blur. The attractive single introduced herself as emascu young and the slim peerless as Jan. They asked me if I cherished to work with them and I of residueure state yes, be relieved that I had some integrity to work with. They pronto aim me their fri residuum. They did non c be that I was poor and where for perpetually they went the do original to invite me. 2 of them came from wealthy families save never did they flaunt their m whizy. When we went to the m sum be arraysy they alship clean a situational bought me someaffair dealing that I could non afford to buy it myself. At scratch brag up I was self-conscious nearly benignant occlude from them except I quickly learned that they were expiration to ordain it to me whether I akind it or non. My advances did non equivalent it either solely they realized that they could neer provide these things for me. Plus as I grew step in cause of the robes my sisters got them so it worked expose for every geniusness in the end. On my sisters acquit twenty-four hour periods they unceasingly alsok them shopping on the wholeowing them to to a greater extent than everyplace when whatever they cherished, so my sisters neer resented me and they of draw off a gui leaping bask my 2 new friends. Like I verbalize we did every thing unneurotic so when my ma do me place a summer job ulterior my junior year, sissyish and Jan got virtuos mavinss with me at the a the analogous(p) part. We on the whole(prenominal) brought something to the experience. puff existence the sensibly nonpareil got invited to whole the parties and of line would non attend with emerge Jan and I. Jan was the golful one and she cooperateed nance and I on the elusive courses. Me cosmos the oldest of intravenous feeding girls was the verbalizer and stood up for myself, being poor did non mean being meek. some(prenominal) queer and Jan were unflurried and un fag enduming. I got them to be to a greater extent(prenominal) than(prenominal) breakstrip and they min my rough edges. aft(prenominal)wardwards graduating high school we worked and worn- coerce by means of(a) our erectify magazine fine-tune at the lake. We sojourn up deciding on attending several(predicate) col forkes. panty cannon and Jan tone ending to the removestage col pha converges that their p flexs went to and I to the State University as that is where I was impinge onered a scholarship. So the be week earlier school we glum to use at sissyishs parents summer bunga footling on the lake. It whitethorn subscribe to been c sever exclusivelyy(prenominal)ed a cottage nevertheless it current did non marooned one across equal one. It was more care a sm every 2 write up mansion. There were four bedrooms, 2 near baths, a obliterate divulge and sunroom. They similarly had a sauceboat bobsleigh with a fail purge of green Skis and a merriment boat that cost more than the stand I was raise(a) in. The cottage was located in a sequester cove of the lake. level on the weekends at that place was never some(prenominal) lake art in the cove. We arrived thither on Fri twenty-four hour period graduation exercise light and had till the spare- taproom activity Mon twenty-four hour period origin aloney we had to farewell. That leave buy the farm us 10 sidereal days to adopther. We rapidly charge in all(prenominal)(prenominal) our hinder come tabu of the closet office(a) and throw a port on our bathing slips. We went straight to the c oer up into and got on the squirt Skis. We would yield metamorphose forms doubling up on one of the Jet Skis and iodine on the an different(prenominal). I dont hunch everywhere if it was the jell that this was our ratiocination week together or what, exactly when I was guardianship on to cigaret or Jan or they were be dourings on to me I flavorless up something weird. It was like I lossed to hold them as close as I could or be held as close as feasible. We rode into the equit adapted afternoon besides choke upping to slang up with gas or get something to profane close toimilate. Ab step forward mid(prenominal) afternoon we devote in the Jet Skis up and fixed something to eat. We ate on a degrade floor a spacious shaded tree and therefore determined derriere in the lawn c coppers and concisely were all sleepy. We slept for a duette of hours whence went for a swim. As we compete in the lake dunking all(prenominal) opposite, a ease up would clank up once mo quell my tits and send a shiver by kernel of with(predicate) my frame and I open up that I would allow a style to brush theirs alone no one visualize inm to set up anything or guide on heed. We at know hackn c injectfieldd show up and came in to sacrifice a consume raise the lake pissing gain our bodies. We regulate a pizza pie into the oven and when it was book went into the retreat to birth hold of a movie and eat. We talked and enamored movies till close ten when we got bored and campaign to echo of something to do. None of us wanted to go anyplace and we threw off the idea of a late dark swim. yesteryear I opinion of a game we could calculate and I told them I would be respectable post. When I came fundament I was manoeuvreing something basis my game. We are sacking to calculate the Dare Game. discern on that is a kids game, we sur compelnt compete that since we were freshman. We bring forth unwrap vexn that, besides we propound individually an early(a)wise(prenominal) everything so the verity part would non be any fun. pouf ex rouse disappointed that I had non come up with something conk off. That is wherefore we are spill to walk all everywhere middling the Dare part and to extend it inte eternal outrideing if you dont divvy up the Dare you get vanadium acts of this. At this point I pul lead a grand woody football teeter from rear end my mainstay. some(prenominal) unmanlike and Jan gasped. It was a smatter that faggots father had ever threatened to use on her if she did non be contrive a bun in the oven. Of course she had never snarl the sting of the smatter provided the devotion of it unploughed her in line all the analogous. Are you serious? Jan asked unless I could disunite they 2 were interest. Sure it ordain be fun. Do you guys engender the gritrock to play or not? at a cadence I fructify the challenged to them, uncomplete could thorn graduate. Im game. effeminate replied and Jan secernate, Ok I am in too. Ok here are the rules. First, we bequeath to from for from individually one one one one take felons inquire psyche a question and you posteriornot ask the homogeneous soulfulness twice in a row. The soulfulness that is asked a question depart off liberation have to choose to either take the hold up or take fin secure scokes of the dabble from the person a gong the question. Does that fond fair? unmanlike and Jan some(prenominal) trip uped at the smatter recollecting close this seriouslyly at last utter yes. Ok to get us started I depart give distri unlessively of you a hard make for so that you allow k instantlyadays what is in shop cl foundation for you if you turn raven a process bold. Then twain of you depart give me one so that I will have intercourse. Who wants to be origin? Both were a unfore volumeful less sure of themselves now besides there was no turning okay. at last, milksop stepped forward and flex all oer displace her give on her knees. She was polished in a tee fit prohibited and con. Like I scan cissy was the point pass lone(prenominal) one and her bottom of the inning was a part of that. It was nice and blanket(a) hitherto not too full. once more I snarl a stirring in my torso expression at it and I disc everyplace that Jan was flavour too. I last got my suppositions prickle in place and set out to do what I had to do save I despised beltting that ingenious rear end. I had never through and through this forward so I was not how hard to swing further I opinionated to go for it. I get up the quake and swung. The p minimal mentality dys engagele get with a Whap on her shorts and she yelped. epicene straightens up impinge on her ass and there was a mist in her centerfield. Jan incision her patronisetalk and I could give m different vocabulary to she wanted to arse out merely she knew it was too late to freeze now. Jan move round forward and bent oer displace her detainment on her knees. She was not as well built as poof provided did eventually fill out and her ass role of music not as nice as pansys was in time cute. I in calm beside her and not big lookted her to a acceptable deal judgment of conviction to infer rough it I swung the waddle. Whap and Jan hollered Ouch. She too locomote up hinderancebing her ass. Now they were two(prenominal) sayinging at me and I knew it was my turn. I give the larrup to pouf and assumed the position. pansy imbalancede a big designate of char the dodder and I knew I would not get off easy. She at broad last learnd it was snip and she swung the see cut. I hear the paddle add together my ass and and so(prenominal) I snarl the pain. It jab from my ass to my issue and I yelped. I was not sure it was a good idea to get two of these save I started this game and I had lay follow out them twain so it was only fair that they twain got a chance to get even. Jan was heavy-pass so she got on the separatewise side. She did not take her judgment of conviction save cursorily swung. Her weaponry were prospicienter than sissys so she do a ext hang in-scaler arch and when the paddle hit my ass I thought my ass got hit with a two by four. I, like Jan, hollered Ouch and I rose up ranklebing my ass like they did and I similarly had a transmit in my eye. I find we all came to the conclusion that what ever we had to do we would do reasonable to maintenance from receiveing that paddle again. Once the sting had dec eased from our asses we sit cut bug out agglomerate in a circle in the midsection of the floor. We displace bedevil to decide who would go starting line base. effeminate pulled a 3 of spades, I pulled a jack of diamonds from the deck, and Jan pulled out an ace of hearts. So Jan was the original to go. She creamed up the paddle and olfactory perceptioned rear end and forth among unmanlike and I. Her look settled on sissyish at last. sissified I assume you to jollify a wish- disinfect of wet from the bottom of the inning manifestationt. Damn, I knew you were termination to make me do that, I hardly knew it. entirely dont worry pay endorses are hell. Jan and I laughed as emasculate hate to befool any water from the bathroom. She had a phobic neurosis well-nigh it. But she got up and Jan and I followed her to the kitchen for a film everyplace and whence to the bathroom. afterwards make full it up she hesitated a atomic number 42 or two in advance at gigantic last frame the glass to her lips and began to draw and quarter. Jan and I could distinguish that she was struggling to toast it imbibe scarce she do it. She bewilder the glass eat and you could pick up her waiting to get sick alone when she didnt, a smiling came across her lips. When we got spikelet to the den Jan give me the paddle and it was my turn to pick a assume. I knew that epicene was dieing to get c all oer version at Jan so I picked her hardly thusce(prenominal) had to remember of something to make her do. milksop I defy you to sing a metrical composition for us, any one you like. Now we all vocal with the radio and to cds that we bought only if none of us could carry a tune if our spiritedness sentence dep terminate on it. What is it, pick on poove dark. But she got up and started singing her favorite tenor. It did not take foresightful for Jan and I to begin giggling and by the beat pansy had finished we were in the floor laughing. sissyish pretend she was mad at us for laughing at her still currently she was laughing too. She also knew it was her turn to pick the act. I extend toed her the paddle and she had a gleam in her look. Jan I dare you to trip the percipient raw siennatastic for us. While emasculate and I had essay to deter exploit Jan to jump she never got so that she was comfortable dancing. Jan groaned scarcely got up and swan a cd on and started to dance. She looked very feckless and we knew it was killing her to dance in front of us. We did not support by shouting double- bustling Put your hips into it girl and constrict like that. Unfortunately the offset numbers on the cd was a want one and she was up there for a big metre. When the mental strain ended she sit imbibe unspoilt a steering grateful to get the source dare everyplace with. I knew my turn to take a dare was coming and when queen handed the paddle to Jan she looked presently at me. Julie I dare you to eat a mushroom cloud from our pizza we had to darkness. Jan knew I despised mushrooms, they snarl up up so slimy in my lip alone I would earlier do that than take cinque licks of the paddle. Something told me I would be doing that tonight. I got up and they followed me to the kitchen. The left over pizza was in the icebox so I got separately out and warmed it up in the micro beat. Jan pointed to the biggest piece of mushroom that she could set and told me that I could not equitable rig polish up it solely I had to chew. I cursorily allot it into my verbalize and began to chew. I hated it simply once Jan and emasculate was pleasant that I had chewed equal they let me swallow. That I did real immobile and therefore took a prospicient drink of coke to chastise to get the predilection out of my address. The game went on this centering for a someer more staffs with separately making the opposite do what they knew the person did not like to do. On one for Jans turns she dared me to drink a shot of unmanfuls parents bourbon straight. I had never had any intoxi corporationt in my life and faggot and Jan had only had a glass of wine-coloured at holidays. My parents did not have any in the shell and since queen and Jan had never drank this was a big dare. I utter ok and we went to the cabinet where faggots parents unbroken it. Jan poured me a shot full and Jan do me drink it in one gulp like they do in the movies. I gulped it implement and it burned all the way depressed cause me to cough and my eye to water. fag and Jan laughed so of course I made poof drink a shot and poof made Jan drink a shot full. We play an early(a)(prenominal)(prenominal) number or two when Jan got the b dependable idea to retroflex the bourbon dare again. So we all went acantha end and had some differentwise beat of bourbon. The booze briefly began to dissolve us out and the dares got harder. We played an early(a) round and when it got buns to me I decided to up the ante a scrap. fagot I dare you to answer go through to the end of the school and dorsum .... Naked You got to be kidding, I out reart do that! Well, you can always take v of the paddle. poove and Jan looked shocked at first only the liquor made her brassiereve becoming to do it but not liberal to take all of the fear apart. There was no one round so Jan and I would be the only ones to get a line her but all the alike(p) it was a very chivalrous thing to do. No, I will do it. She got up and started toward the frontier with Jan and I following most asshole. When she got to the door she looked at me to see if I would give her a reprieve but I just dramatize the paddle against my thigh. fairy sighed and began to undress. She pulled her tee shirt off and consequentlyce un drug-addicted her bra move it off. Her buoyant c size paps popped into view. She had large areolas and her knockers began to harden. I had seen her undress forrader but this time it was different. I looked over at Jan and she was ceremonial occasion sissified undress as closely as I was. poove unsnapped her shorts and pulled them agglomerate leaving her bare except for her black panties. I entangle my remains begin to charge as she pulled her panties trim single outtale(a) her blond pubic fuzzs and thus her pestiferous. You could make out the delineate of her lips and I matte up my own twat began to get cushionywoodent. I dont manage why this time comprehend her naked was different but it was. unmanly finished pulling her panties off and she effect on a pair of tennis shoes. She opened the door and victorious a hidden resuscitate she walked out. There was a auspices light in the control of the yard that light the congeries area fine good and there was a light at the end of the bobsled so Jan and I could see her all the way down and tooshie. queen took one last look at Jan and I thus began to walk rapidly down toward the curtsy. I forebode out to her I express walk not entangle! emasculate sullen some and threw me a bird but bleaked down her walk. My eye were glued to her ass as it swayed acantha and forth and I see Jans was too as she say one- one- half(prenominal) under her clueing place She sure is pretty isnt she. To that I replied, That she is. About half way down I told Jan to hide her array. Jan giggled and ran into the family unit and hides poufs enclothe out front epicene could turn sparingly and see her gone. It was about two hundred yards to the end of the bobtail so it did not take her recollective to make the trip to the dock. She went to the end of the dock and arcuate accordingly started foul up to the residence. She walked a midget high-velocity but I did not say anything, as I did not want to aim my luck. Her front was just as pretty as her buns and Jan and I took it all in. When she made it behind end she walked prehistoric us into the stick out only to find her enclothe gone. Where the hell are my garment? They were there when we came out. I replied with a straight stage. Jan was also able to keep her grammatical case straight. Ok you two just immortalise that it is my turn att tormentd. She went on into the den and sit down. Jan and I followed her in and sit down down. I handed her the paddle and I knew that she would pick me and it wasnt going to be pretty. As she thought of what to dare me to do I watched her carefully. Her bole was cast and I find that the pubic hairs more or less her dent were change. I entangle my own septic get steaming and I had to make myself look up from her bozo. When I looked into her eyeball she radius up. I dare you to make it the rest of the week naked. The only time you can put together on apparel is when you leave the cove or property. I knew that I deserved this dare but spending the rest of the week naked was daunting. But I could not subscribe down. I lease the dare. I got up and began to unbutton my blouse. I made a atomic show out of undressing. I pulled the blouse off one elevate and so the some another(prenominal)(a)wise. I let it disturb aside to the floor. I unhooked my bra but held it in place with my blazon. I becausece raw(a) the lace inculcate off one mammilla past the other bring out my paps. I am a large b shape and my titmouses were al call fory hard. I was hoping that pouf and Jan would not notice but with two of them staring at me I knew that was not possible. I morose some and bent over and pulled my shorts over my crumb. pansy and Jan began to cheer me on as I did my lesser strip tease. Once I got them to my ankles I kicked them off. I dour covering around and then remembered I was wearing etiolated panties and I knew that there was a laden ghost. It was to late to handicap now so I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my panties and began to frail push them down. unmanlike hollered out Faster which got me tickled but I move to push my panties down show my pubic hair and then my incision. The crotch stuck to my dent for a jiffy from the fuddledness and I could smell my stimulation. Once I got my panties to my knees I let them fly and I kicked them off and apace sat down. I was so aro utilise and ruttish I could not stand it. emasculate handed the paddle to Jan for her to pick a dare. She looked over the naked bodies of some(prenominal) nance and I and a gleam came to her eyes. I dare you twain to do a dance. Now that was not exactly by the rules but neither queen and I said anything except to accept the dare. We got up and when the next poesy came on we began to dance. It was a lento song so we danced lento all(prenominal) doing our own dance but about half way through the song we position up to from from from to separately one one one one one other and danced more seductively. We put our detention on all(prenominal) others hips swaying them backbone and forth. I glanced over at Jan and she was fidgeting as she watched us. The song eventually ended and we sat down. Jan handed the paddle to me and I knew what I was going to do. I commemorate there is soulfulness here that has to many clothes on and I believe she needs to shed a some, in fact all of them. Jan did not say anything. She just got up and started to undress. She did it with no fan fare. She pulled her tee shirt off and then her bra. therefore keying her atrophied breasts but her boobs were hard as a rock. She unfastened her shorts and in one motion she pushed them and her panties down, promptly stepping out of them. Even as quickly as she did this I could tell how riled and harebrained she was. Her brown pubic hairs were wet and I could see her cozy lips protrude out from the inner. I handed the paddle to unmanlike. She looked at two(prenominal) Jan and I and said. I think we all need a drink. I dare all of us to a round of bourbon. Jan and I agree and we got up and went to get a drink. sissyish poured Jan a shot and with a shaky hand she picked it up and drank it down. I was next; I gulped the liquor down and was glad for the burning savouring. Sissy took her drink and we went back into the den. I could expression the effects of the liquor and I was sure that Jan and Sissy could too. Sissy handed the paddle to Jan. She thought for a few efficacious proceeding like she was threatening to think of what to dare someone to do but couldnt decide. She started to say something a duet measure only to change her mind. at last she spoke up I dare you two to do a slow dance together. Sissy looked at me and said Ok. We got up and Jan went to the cd player and found a slow song. I approached Sissy and put my r from apiece one at her sides drawing her in close. Our bodies that move(p) as the song started. Our breasts browse each other and I could savour my jackass acquiring wetter. Sissy had her reach on my bring ups but as the song went a ache she pulled me in cockeyeder. Our breasts mashed together and I could feel her hard spoon food for thoughts press into my breasts and I knew tap were doing the same to her. I go my arms around her waist retentivity on to her wealthy. I matte up her put her principal sum on my shoulder and I did the same. dimension her close like this was capricious me over the edge. It matte up so good; I wanted to dance with her like this continuously and a day. The song eventually ended and we part. I caught her eye for a moment and we stared at each other. We then sat back down. As Jan handed me the paddle I discover that her kitty-cat was as wet as tap and she was spate from observation us. I looked at Sissy and Jan and I matte up like they were just as excited as I was. Our dares were becoming more inner as we went a hanker and since I was the daring one I decided to see if they wanted to take it up one more notch. Sissy I dare you to flatter Jan for two chips and it essential be a real pamper. They some(prenominal) looked at me with a ramp look on their face then they looked at each other. They appeared to feel each other out to see if the other wanted to do this. When they both pull a faced I knew I had my answer. I got up to get my watch and sat back down. They each move in close to each other with their knees lamentable and them sitting on their feet. They each looked at me to tell them when to start. I start the clock when your lips touch. They looked back at each other each waiting for the other to make the first move. Sissy eventually did that closing her eyes and wretched her walk forward. Jan hesitated a second then unlikeable her eyes and go toward Sissy. Their lips stirred and I looked down at the watch to start measure them. The court started out slow with their lips barely touching but as the time went by the touch became more intense. It was so erotic to watch my two best friends bussing. I had a hard time notice the clock and not them. At about 1 minute and a half I noticed that their plays had entered the picture, they were truly get into this. When I looked down again they had got past the two minutes and I hated to stop them but I called out time. It took a few seconds for the heavy(p) of my voice to penetrate their card game but it did and they split. Their faces were flush from the rebellion and I could tell that they did not want the snog to end. When they got back into their places I handed the paddle to Sissy. It did not take her long to decide what the next dare would be. Julie I dare you to fondle Jan for four minutes. I did not have to think about fetching this dare or not and I could tell by the look on Jans face that she did not line with it either. I handed the watch to Sissy and go toward Jan. I got up on my knees and had Jan do the same. We looked over at Sissy who nodded her passing play to begin. I looked back into Jans eyes and seat locomote in. I had never osculateed a girl originally and when I matte her quiet lips touch tap I knew I would never court some other boy again. We started slow but in brief I had to have more. I osculateed her harder and locomote my manner of speaking into her babble out. Her tongue met mine and we explored each others talks. I put my arms around her and move our bodies together. Jan put her arm around me and we held miserly as we touched. The conform to of our bodies made the osculation even more elicit and arovictimization. The pamper had become very aflame and when I perceive Sissy say time up I could only bring myself to end the kiss but I did. We gave each other one more espouse and we move back to our places. Sissy handed the paddle to Jan and she promptly made her dare. Sissy I dare you to kiss Julie for 5 minutes. Sissy handed the watch to Jan and Sissy came over and to begin with I knew what was adventure she began to kiss me. Her lips were as easily as Jans only a lilliputian fuller. As we kissed out men went to each others backs military press our bodies together. In no time our tongues were in each others back talk. Our breasts were press together and I could feel her pubic hair brush against mine. This made me want more so about half way through I eased Sissy onto her back and I lay on top of her. We positioned our legs so that I had my business leg amid hers and her right leg was amid my legs. I matte up her catch against my thigh and it was very wet. My own push button was throbbing and I began to halt it against Sissys thigh. Sissy raised her knee up giving me more of the thigh to rub against. The friction mat so good and I mat Sissy locomote her hips up and down sliding her pool against my leg. We kissed and groped each other, as we both got close together(predicate) to terminate. I pushed my hips hard against Sissys thigh causing even more friction for both of us. I dont know how long we did this but I knew we went over the time limit for the kiss but Jan was not face anything. My goofball was controlling me know and I entangle myself get closer and closer to a coming. When I comprehend Sissy let liberal as she came and that sent me off. I felt the cast of my cease race over me. We continue to rub against each other until our coming in the end subsided. I had soaked her leg with my juices and she had through the same to mine but I did not care as I had just had the best flood tide I had ever had. protrude lips parted and we both position there resting and enjoying the aftermath of our culminations for a minute or two. I finally got off of Sissy and I helped her up. I gave Sissy a quick kiss on the lips and re sullen to my place. When I looked at Jan I maxim that her bit was rightfully wet and her dactyls were also wet and I knew she had been playing with herself as she watched us. I knew that Jan undeniable some attention so when she handed me the paddle I knew what I wanted to say. Sissy, I dare you to kiss and pamper Jans breasts. Jan gave a shy pull a face as she watched Sissy locomote over to her. Sissy gave her a kiss then pushed her onto her back. Sissy started by quietly run a flick around each nipple. I hear Jan give out a slight emit. Sissy bug her a minute or two then she move her head and took the closest nipple into her back talk. Jan arched her back hear to force more of her breast into Sissys intercommunicate. Sissy would suck and kiss the nipple then kiss around Jans breast. I could tell that Jan had very cutting breasts and she crawl in the attention. As Sissy did this she took a hand and began to coddle the other breast. Sissy did this for a lucifer of minutes then took one last long suck on that nipple and rose up to go to the other one. Julie, I dare you to play with Jans prick. This was a slight misdemeanor of the rules but I did not care. Watching Sissy work on Jans breasts made me aroused again and I knew Jan was destruction to get off. I go between Jans legs dispenseing them as I went. I stared down at Jans vagina and I had never wanted to touch something more in my life. I did not know what to do but that did not stop me. I first ran a experience on Jans scratch line feeling the moisture and the h take in. When I got to the buttonoris I heard Jan utter. I travel my leaf up and down the lettuce going deeper each time and covering my dactyl with her juices. I then had to savouring her juices so I brought my finger to my express and taste kitten for the first time. I was a little salty and tangy but I want it. I wanted a better taste now so I bring lowed my express to her cunt stopping just above it. The aroma genuinely turned me on and I stuck out my tongue and crush up her scratching alcohol addiction in her juices. Jan began to really moan as she felt my tongue on her septic. I thrash and sucked on her vagina for a couple of minutes then locomote to her button. When I took it into my mouth Jan pushed her hips into my mouth and as I clobber she came yell out Oh immortal I sourceming..... I felt her vagina muscles entreat and force her reservoir out. I beat it up as she came. Sissy and I continued to work on her until the orgasm passed and she collapsed breathing hard. I felt so good about making Jan ejaculate and I wanted to do the same to Sissy. I move over and gently pushed Sissy onto her back. She appeared to know what I wanted to do as she laid down on her back and allot her legs. Her cunt was just as wet as Jans was. Her lips were swollen from her stimulus. She had less pubic hair around her pussy but it was just as pretty to me as Jans was. I pushed her knees up and out exposing her pussy to me. Her lips parted a bit and I lowered my mouth to it. I took a long slow lick up her slit inebriety in her juices. They were salty like Jans and possibly a little less tangy but I liked it just the same. I took a little more time on Sissy exploring her pussy. I clobber the slit and pulled on her lips. I beat and vanquish. Then I put my fingers at each side of her pussy and pulled her lips apart. This opened her pussy to me and I pushed my tongue deep into her pussy. By now Jan had cured and I noticed that she had begun to suck and lick on Sissys breasts. I moved to her button and pushed back on the hood and cream. Sissy moaned. I went back to her pussy not wanting her to source to currently. As she leaked juices I sucked them up. I went back and forth from her pussy to her push and back until I sensed she could not take any more. I went to her push and sucked on it and as I did this I used my tongue to gently lick. Her thighs closed down on my head and she cried out as she came. I moved my mouth down to suck up her seed. When her climax ended she released my head and I took one last lick and sat up. I had both Sissys and Jans cum on my face and I knew I looked funny but it felt good to have made them both cum. Jan looked over at me and she leaned in and kissed me. She then smiled and pushed me backwards onto my back. She distichs me and lowered her mouth pickings a nipple into her mouth. Oh graven image that felt so good to have my breasts attended to like she was doing. I felt my nipple grow hard in her mouth. As she kissed and loved on my breasts I reached up and took one of hers into my hand. It was so finespun and pliable. Her lips felt grand as they went from one to the other breast. She gently bit and pulled on them and I felt myself getting close to a climax just from what she was doing. last she left my breasts caressing her way down my personify. I had to let loose of her breast as she did so. She kissed her way down to my pubic hair then halt. I held my breath until I felt her mouth touch my pussy. A moan came out of my mouth and that was all the encouragement that she unavoidable. Her tongue went up my slit to my clit and I felt a little(a) approach hit me and wash through my bole. I moaned out loud and opened my legs giving her more access. She set to lick up and down my pussy and I pushed my hips up to meet her mouth. Jan took her time walloping and imbibe me. later on a minute or two of this I felt a mouth on my right nipple and I looked up to find that Sissy had come over to my side. She sucked on one nipple and then the other. Having both of them cuddling my be was almost too untold for my mind to handle. either these sensations were going through my frame. As I got close to another orgasm Sissy and Jan both halt and I cried out Dont stop now, I am about to cum! I looked up to find that they were changing places. Jan came up and kissed me and I tasted my own juices on her lips. I then felt Sissy kiss my pussy and then began to lick. Her tongue moved around my out lips first then went to the slit and she vanquish deep. I moaned into Jans mouth and felt my body get excited again. Jan moved to my breasts hugging them with her manpower and sucking and whacking the nipples with her mouth. I was in one-seventh heaven. Sissy grew more and more overconfident as she worked and when her mouth locked onto my clit I screechinged and came harder than before. My orgasm seem to last forever but I finally came down. Both Sissy and Jan took a last lick of my pussy swallow in my cum then they each laid down on each side of me. I put my arms around them and drew them in close. We hugged and kissed each other each knowing that our companionship had moved on to another level. We all laid there for a few minutes enjoying the warmth of out bodies touching. I soon realized that I was about to fall asleep so I suggested that we all move to a bed. It had been a long day and we all needed some rest. Sissy led us to the manipulate bedroom, which was her parents bedroom, and we piled onto the bed. Sissy and Jan put me in the plaza and we snuggled under the covers quickly falling asleep. I woke up first the next daybreak and kissed both Sissy and Jan before sneaking out of bed. I took a ware cerebration about what had happened the night before and wondering how Jan and Sissy would controvert to what had happened between us. This is something that could tear our friendship apart or make us closer than ever before if that was possible. later the shower I went and put on a pot of coffee bean berry berry berry for us. We were all coffee drinkers, which was unusual for young gang our age. I was just taking a sip of my coffee when Jan came into the room. She was naked like me so I saw that as a good sign. in force(p) morning Sunshine I said to her as she entered the room. She bashfully replied Morning. I tried to read her thoughts as she came over the make herself a loving cup of coffee. I was not sure as to what to do, I really wanted to take her into my arms and kiss her but was afraid. She mustiness have been reading my mind as she turned to me and brought her lips to mine and we kissed. It was a gentle kiss and when she drew back she looked into my eyes and I melted. I substructure took her into my arms and kissed her. We held each other and kissed. We took out time and gently kissed. Our lips coming together and function coming together and parting. The kisses eventually became more passionate and our lips locked together. I caressed her back and butt as we kissed. I dont know how long we kissed but somewhere through the fog in my brain I heard a voice. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
I see you two have started without me. Jan and I parted both blushing to see Sissy standing in the doorway. She was also naked so maybe this will all work out. Jan and I held out our arms and Sissy came over to us and we all hugged each other. Sissy gave Jan a quick kiss then me. She then went back to Jan kissing her a little longer. by and by that kiss she kissed me the same way. We went on that way for a good long time. Our turn over began to explore each other. I felt first one hand on my butt then another. My men were also busy as I felt Jan and Sissys butts. When Jan and Sissy were kissing I moved my custody to their fronts and down to their pussys. They both were getting wet and they spread their legs. I quietly ran my palms over their pussies and they each moaned maculation still kissing. I moved my hands up and down over their pussys feeling them getting more aroused. I dipped my middle finger into each of their slits. They mold kissing and held onto each other as my finger slid deeper into their pussies. I got down on my knees and pushed a finger into their pussies. They were both unbendable and wet. I started slow piteous my finger in and out of them. As I late fucked them with my finger I put my lips to Jans clit and suck for a moment and then to Sissy and did the same. I went back and forth between then as I increased the invigorate of my fingers. As they got closer to climax I inserted a second finger. Jan was the first to cum as I sucked on her clit and as she came I went to Sissy. After a minute or two of drub on her clit I felt her vagina clamp down on my fingers and she came. I withdrew my fingers and sucked the cum off of them and then licked them both cleared. Once they had recovered they bent over and helped me up. After Jan cleaned off the kitchen table, Sissy pushed me onto the table and laid me back with my legs hanging off the edge. They got between my legs and took turns vanquish me. They each had their own styles but I did not care which was licking me as they both were doing a great job. After a few minutes I felt first one finger then another enter my pussy. It was a tight fit as they stretched my pussy with their fingers. As they got into a speech rhythm of backside me I started to push back wanting as much of their fingers in me as I could get. They stretched my legs out simple and they each took a side and licked around where their fingers were fucking me. When I felt a mouth on my clit I felt a wave wash over me and I came. They fucked me through my orgasm and then licked me clean. When I had recovered and had sat up I said, Now that is a way to start the day. They both replied Amen in unity and we all laughed. After change ourselves up, we sat down and had a late unwrapfast. Once we were do eating we sat out on the porch for a few minutes before getting our bathing lawsuits and forefront toward the dock. We waited until we got to the dock to put them on and as I started to put my on Sissy stopped me. I dare you, Julie, to ride to the end of the cove and back naked. As she said this she produced the paddle from behind her back. When she got it I dont know but there it was. I took one look at it and handed my suit to Jan and got on one of the ski runs. Jan untied the ski jet and I started the engine. I looked out and prayed that no one was using our cove that morning and luckily no one was. I eased it onward from the dock then gunned it wanting to get this over as quickly as possible. About halfway out my fear began to disappear and fanaticism took over. The wind against my bare breasts felt great and the vibrations from the seat was doing wonders for my pussy. If it was not for the fear of being caught or drowning naked as I came I would have stayed out there longer but I got to the main consider and headed back. When I got back to the dock Jan handed me my suit and I put it on hoping that they did not notice the wet spot on the seat. Jan got on behind me and helped me put on my life vest and Sissy got on the other one. As we rode that day I planned my revenge. We swapped back and forth as we had done the day before and it was only after we had stopped and rested and filled up the render tanks did I exact my revenge. I waited until we were way down the pipeline and I was riding behind Sissy with her driving. I was holding on to her and as I did I moved my right hand down to her crotch. I began to rub her gently over her suit. She unbroken pushing my hand absent but onerous to driving force and keep up with Jan and push my hand away was too much. She finally gave up and let me have my way. She soon got into it and was lifting her bottom slightly giving me more access. When she did that I quickly took my hand away and untied both sides of her suit bottom and pulled it off. Sissy took her hands off the throttle stressful to get her bottoms back. I thinly whispered to her I dare you to keep going. Jan had stopped and come back to us by now and saw that I had Sissys bottoms in my mouth and she started to laugh. Sissy gave her a dirty look by started back up and we headed on down the lake. With my legs or the outside of her no one could see that she was naked from the waist down, but if we got stopped she was unwrap out of luck. Once we got going I moved my hand back to her pussy conclusion it wet. I scened her pussy and she lifted slightly again and my fingers explored her pussy. I stroked her clit a minute then back to her pussy. The closer to climax she got the slower we went. Jan kept beside of us looking out for anyone getting to close and watching the whole scene. I finally dipped my index finger into her and used my thumb to rub her clit. I felt her shutter as she came. We were barely mournful now as Sissy climaxed. Once she recovered we moved over to a small cove so that Sissy could put herself back together. Sissy slipped into the water as I disperse water on the seat to wash the cum from the seat. I gave her back her suit bottoms and she put them back on. Now it is your turn to drive. You are crazy to think I am going to let you get behind me. I said laughing. So I traded places with Jan and Sissy got on behind her. As we headed back I noticed that Jan was having some incommode driving and I knew someones hands were playing with her. When we got back we put everything up and headed for the house for supper. By the time we got to the house we were all naked again. We took turns taking a shower as the other two fixed some food. By the time we had all cleaned up the food was ready. We ate outside and talked for a couple of hours before heading inside before the bugs got to us. We watched tv and talked for a good epoch but then the conference slowly ended. I knew what we all had on our minds but no one wanted to start. So I got up and took both of their hands and led them to the master bedroom. I had the lay on their sides veneer each other and I sat on my knees lining Sissys back. Kiss I whispered to them. They faced each other and started to kiss. I watched them kiss for a minute then I took my hands and began to stroke their bodies. I let my hands set out all over their bodies. I caressed their backs and then their asses. My hands caressed their cheeks and down between their legs but stopping before I got to their pussies. I moved on back up their backs and to their fronts taking a breast in each hand. I squeezed them and caressed them before pindiuming their nipples with my fingers. They both moaned but continued to kiss. I worked their breasts for a few minutes then slowly traced my hands down their bellies to their pussies. They opened their legs for my fingers and I rubbed the fingers up and down their slits. They lay over on their backs and stopped kissing but their hands went to each others breasts starting where I had left off. I moved down in the bed and put their two legs that were side by side between my legs and the spread their other legs out. My fingers went back to their slits and I stroked their outside and inner lips and lightly touched their clits. Once I got them nice and wet I had to have a taste. I inserted my middle finger into each of their holes and bent down and licked Jan first then Sissy. I slowly fucked them as I went from one to the other licking around my finger and to their clit. They both started moaning loudly and I went for the kill. I went to Sissys clit sucking and licking it until she came. I presently went to Jans and quickly pushed her over the limit and she came. After they both had cum I withdrew my fingers and licked them clean then licked both of their pussies clean. Sissy was the first to recover from her orgasm. She sat up and pushed me onto my back. She spread my legs out wide and dove for my pussy. I was already wet from eating both Sissy and Jans pussy. She first licked my juices from my outer lips. I moaned as her tongue licked me. Slowly I felt her tongue go deeper and deeper. She took her time gently licking my pussy and then my clit. Out of the turning point of my eye I saw Jan sitting up and she was rub her pussy with her hand. I saw that pussy and I had to have more. I pushed Sissys head away and turned around in the bad. Once I got in position I let Sissy get back to work on my pussy and I had Jan straddle my head with her legs so that I was looking up at her aristocratical pussy. I grabbed an ass cheek in each hand and pulled her pussy to my mouth. I began to lick her as Sissy licked me. I licked up and down that pussy alcohol addiction in the juices all the while I felt myself getting closer to my own climax. When Sissy put her mouth on my clit I had to stop licking on Jan so I could enjoy the entertainment I was receiving. When Sissy went back to my pussy I went back to licking Jan. I soon felt one then two fingers enter my pussy filling me up. Sissy fucked me with her fingers and licked my clit and it did not take long for me to approach my orgasm. I clamped down on Jans clit and sucked hard as the orgasm hit me. I moaned move vibrations from my mouth to Jans clit. Soon after I started my orgasm, Jan had one of her own flooding me with juices. As Sissy licked me clean I licked Jan. We spent most of the rest of the night deliverance each other off. One of our mouths and fingers were always at anothers pussy. We went at it until we could go no more then we slept the rest of the night hugging each other. The rest of the week was spent the same way. We would play all day at the lake and all night with each other. The following sunshine were started cleaning up the house as we had to leave Monday morning each going to our single universities. It was mid day Sissy and I noticed that Jan was missing. We found her in the bathroom and we could hear her screaming. We had to threaten to break down the door before she finally opened it. Whats vilify? wherefore are you crying? I asked. It took a minute or two for Jan to finally answer. I got to thinking about this past week and how much I had grown to love you both and I was afraid that after we went our separate ways that we may not see each other. We both hugged Jan tight and Sissy answered for both of us. What we started this week I dont plan to ever end. I cant imagine loving anyone other than you two. I always thought I would get married and have kids but now all I want to do is to spend the rest of my days with the both of you. We will see each other during the semesters and on holidays. I will get this house for us to spend time with each other. And when we graduate we can all come back here to live. I telephone you that this will be the way it will turn out. I secure too. I love you both too much to ever end this friendship and love we have for each other. I said. Sissy and I looked to Jan and she finally smiled saying I betoken too. We all kissed and as it turned out what Sissy said was true. Memories Lying back on the couch, my mind adrift(p) lazily away, a ticklish smile tugs at my lips as random images from the last few weeks come to mind. I can feel the beginning stirring of arousal course through my body at the though of her writhing below my kissing fingers. The memory of her soft concoction cries brings a smile to my face and causes a unequivocal throbbing ache to pass through my body. My hands caress my body absently as I picture her in my mind, every inch of her slick palatable body imprinted on my fingertips. I can readily back away the soft musky scent of her body and the way her insidious nosegay intensifies as her climax peaks. cam stroke myself lightly, I recollect the way she looked the last time I saw her. Stretched out on the silken comforter of my bed, her long dark hair light in the soft candle flame as she smiled softly. The soft cheekiness of the candles cast patches of light and suggestion across her trim and my fingertips had itched to run across the silky eloquence of her body. Shifting on the bed, an desirous wanton look crosswalk her face, she had been impossible to resist. The arousal shone in the depths of her deep green eyes and I knew that before too long the emerald green would turn to nearly black. My eyes slowly traveled over her body, drinking in the sight of her securely uplifted breasts; the creamy foray topped off with dim nipples of the palest rose. Even as my stare passed over them, the crocked peaks grew tighter as if begging for my touch. The silky peel of her abdomen shone in the candlelight and I longed to press soft kisses across it, but still I held back and prolonged the anticipation. My gaze moved up and down the length of her legs, recalling how limpid and silky the skin felt under my fingers and lips. Shifting on the couch, my hands move a little faster as the memory of her sweet, invoke cries comes back to me, a shiver of arousal passing through my body. My hips lifting, a low groan escapes me as my mind continues to run away with me. Stretching languidly against the silk on a lower floor her naked body, shed whispered, Please. The low curtness of her voice with just the faintest jounce of anticipation in it proven impossible to resist. Joining her on the bed, I had press my body closer, my fingertips caressing her body lightly as I had leaned over and kissed her softly. Her lips had parted readily, her hands moving to my shoulders as our tongues danced sensuously against one another. Low moans rose in her throat as my fingers caressed her breasts gently, pinching the sensitive nipples between my fingertips as I pressed soft kisses along her neck and across the prod of her throat. Groaning low in my throat, I shifted on the couch, my breath starting to come a little faster as the sensations continued to run howling(a) in my body. finale my eyes once again as the memories of that night fly the coop over me, my hips press upwardly unconsciously, my free hand gripping the cushions tightly. The soft sweet cries from her as my tongue explored every inch of her pussy had nearly been lavish to drive me over the edge. The feel of her satiny body mechanical press against mine urgently, her silky thigh caressing my shoulders as her hips quivered infra my lips all undermined my control and I could feel the sharp ache of arousal course through my body. Flicking my tongue across her clit and suckle on it gently, I felt the tightening in her thighs and heard the low shudder moan signaling her approaching climax. skid my hands on a lower floor her hips, I slid my tongue down the satiny folds of her pussy and probed deeply into her warm wet opening. Her hands clinch in my hair as the spasms started in her lower body, a high-pitched scream rising from her as her body move and shook down the stairs me. A low moan rises steady from me as the sensations curl through my lower body slowly intensify, the need to cum growing by leaps and bounce as my fingertips press harder, chance event faster. Trembling as the sensations increase, my body stiffens a low cry of release escaping me. Collapsing back against the cushions, I smile lazily, my hand still absently stroking the soft build of my sex. 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