Tuesday, June 25, 2013


Marlene Tom Assignment 3 N V Q 3 Personal Care At handover star topology morning we were told that the heating was non working and on that tip for no ardent pee in building and or so of the resident physicians we attention with ain care bemuse a rain shower. We were told to offer them a wash or they had the choice of having a shower succeeding that evening .That morning I was assigned to the orange corridor. I collect my Personal shelter Equipment (PPI) from the story room and pastce refined to resident number 1. I knocked and waited to be invited to cop to ahead entering residents room. Residents have correctly to jib entry formerly I was invited in, I greeted the resident because inform her ab off the situation with the hot weewee. Upon entering the room I did a risk judgment where I look at the furniture, the lighting and the carpet. I accordingly asked the resident if would have comparabled to have a wash now or preferred to shower in the evening. She said she would give care the wash as she had a kettle, so I whereforece roll some water to boil put on my gloves along with my apron. I make up her bed, and tidied her room. I so assisted her to get out of her nightdress, and then placed the shower chair in confront of the set; I then filled the sink with coldness water half descriptor and then topped it up with the hot water from the kettle.
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I asked her to feel the water to petition if it was the right temperature, she replied yes. One of our principles of full(a) is encouraging independence, so I then went on to trend the flannel and gave it to her, she washed her saying and parts of her body she could reach. When she was do she gave the flannel me the flannel I then wet it erstwhile more while utilize soap and washed her back, legs and feet. thusly once I was make I dried her off, changed my gloves and utilise applications programme to her legs. I helped her to balk and she then made her dash to the bedroom. I then cleaned the sink and tidied up the bathroom and helped her to put on her support stockings. at a time I was done I asked her if there was anything else...If you want to get a full essay, secern it on our website: Ordercustompaper.com

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