Thursday, May 16, 2013

Political Buddhism

Buddhism has emerged as an alternative trust that is poised to be a cultural, spiritual, and governmental core. Lewis (2008) stated, ?As for creation a governmental force, in that respect ar chill pop too few Buddhisticicicicics in the States to stop the flood of vestigialism and the brusk national and state policies. However, at that place was a pare Buddhist Congressman, Mr. Bob Matsui from capital of California who died in 2005. In 2007, the hundred-and-tenth U.S. Congress acquired two bleak Buddhist Representatives, Mazie Hirono of Hawaii and Hank Johnson of atomic number 31?(para.11). Moreover, m each(prenominal) well-regarded organizations much(prenominal) as the Buddhist Peace Fellowship attain engaged in last penalty reform. Religion plays a pivotal part in election year politics. democrat and republican candidates try to pressure the mantle of morality to permit themselves to Christian orthodoxs. Both parties overhear a grab for the fundamental and ever-increasing pluralized Christian votes with less important constituencies such(prenominal)(prenominal) as Buddhists left out of the dispute. According to Richard convert (1997), it is no accident, to suppose, that less than 5% of all non-Asian Buddhists in the get in concert States are registered Republicans. It is non because there is eachthing innate to Buddhist doctrines as such that would oppose liberal or even ultra-liberal (or, as the Statesns recollect them, conservative and ultra-conservative) political value. afterwards all, Buddhists and Republicans both(prenominal) lean to oppose any but the most minimalist government. Moreover, both love elephants (para. 2). historically speaking, Buddhism has tended to maintain conservative status quo regimes in Asia, going all the way back to India. Richard convert (1997) stated, ?the curtilage for European and African-American Buddhist disinclination to raise the Republican political party is that in the fall in States the Republican Party has tie in itself with patriotism, conservative Christian (and especially Protestant) clean-living values, and the spare-time activitys of corporate business. state who regard such mainstream American values are non the ones who tend to liquidate out in versatile shipway (such as by becoming marginalized academics who teach esoteric subjects such as Sanskrit grammar and gallant Indian philosophy)?. Richard Hayes (1997) nevertheless stated, ?that non-Asian Buddhist converts in the United States tend to be outstandingly extremely educated people, academics, homos, political radicals, former drug users, do artists and different people who put one across very little unfeigned invite or political or economic advocate (and very little interest in having real power)? (para. 3). Republicans blamed these like individuals for most of ordering ills. One blogger stated, ?It is certain Christian Americans who force factious issues, such as school affiances to theology or brave hymeneals bans, into the political debates. All Americans train to disseminate with the consequences. It is interesting, and then, to observe how American Buddhist organizations publicly respond to such issues? (Tricycleblog, 2004). In 1954, the goner of loyalty as a non-religious imprecation was theocized and declared unconstitutional in 2002. The Buddhist exact been lacking on body forth for the current pledge. In fact, 23 Buddhist supported an amicus brief that supported the 2002 unconstitutionality of the pledge of faithfulness (Tricycleblog, 2004). Buddhism does not establish oaths to beau ideal because that would be anti-Buddhist. As for gay sum, Buddhist pick out been quieter on this subject. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Homosexuality is not to be pass or condemned agree to Buddhism because the issue is not intelligibly in their beliefs. Nevertheless the look?s connector of the Buddhist Churches of America made the spare-time activity statement: Whereas there is no nix judgment of gayness in the Buddhist religion; whereas a number of BCA ministers have been performing same-sex weddings for a head of at least thirty years; whereas we wish to prolong the morality of all persons, self-sufficing of sexual orientation: promptly therefore be it resolved, that the Ministers Association of the Buddhist Churches of America opposes any governmental prohibition of same-sex marriage (Tricycleblog, 2004). Though the issue of the pledge of allegiance or homosexuality may seem divisive when use by the Christian right they still are American issues. Because there is a lack of support by Buddhist for the pledge of allegiance and a lack resister to homosexual relationships can it rattling be said the American Buddhist are really for America. ReferencesHayes, R. (1997). Buddhism and politics. Retrieved February 15, 2009 from, G.R. (2008). Buddhism in America. Retrieved February 15, 2009 from (2004). American Buddhists Speak Out on the Pledge of Allegiance and amusive Marriage. February 15, 2009 from If you want to get a full essay, society it on our website:

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