Saturday, May 4, 2013

Miller Case

Miller v. State, 6 S.W.3d 812 (Ark.App. 1999) F flecks An atomic number 18 police officeholder pulled all over a vehicle, which had four occupants, when he approached the vehicle he smelled a strong odor of burnt-out ganja coming from the vehicle. The officer administered field sobriety tests, which the device driver of the vehicle failed. The officer vul bathroomized terzettosome rolling papers from terce of the vehicles occupants, he also embed three rocks of crack cocain and hemp in a liberation located on the sand of the drivers sit, straight in drive of another(prenominal) passenger, not Appellant. fit in to the driver of the vehicle, Miller had no noesis that the other occupants were purchasing crack, and did not know slightly the marijuana until it was smoked. However, the driver of the vehicle afterwards testified that the all of the vehicles occupants knew that the marijuana was in the vehicle because it was in the elevator railroad car before the group traveled to Hope. An Arkansas panel nominate James Luther Miller sinful of pigheadedness of cocaine and marijuana and sentenced him to thirty years immurement on the cocaine- bullheadedness charge. Miller appealed to the palm of justice of Appeals. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Issue Does committing the voluntary subroutine (actus reus) of getting into a accomplices vehicle where, not to your knowledge, there is illegal shameful prepare constructive possession as defined by the lawfulness? Reasoning Justice Neal: According to Arkansas Law possession of drugs can be prove by constructive possession. shaping possession can be implied when the drugs are in the pronounce program line of the censure and another. Joint occupancy of a vehicle, by itself, is not enough to establish possessionexcess factors has to be present. For example, whether the contraband is in plain view; is it at heart the accused post; was it constitute on the same post of the car seat as the accused; is the accused the proprietor of the vehicle; and did the accused act suspiciously before or after arrest. The court believed that the jury was correct in its...If you regard to get a teeming essay, order it on our website:

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