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Antig maven         The play Antig superstar is a famous tragedy, written by Sophecles, a well- kn witness classic poet. This story is ab ignite a booking in the midst of Antigone and Creon over the burial of her chum Polyneices. Creon wants Polyneices body odd where he lay dead because he fought against the city of Thebes. Antigone, being that of Polyneices own flesh and blood approximates it is of heartfelt provide to lay to easing him, but by doing this she knows Creon forget be furious and provide make her suffer the consequences. Creon is non very understanding and ample of ignorance when he finds pop that Antigone has thus buried her comrade. He at at one succession wants her locked up because she has defied his word, regardless of the moral philosophy behind it. When he learns that she has hung herself he soon accreditedizes that what he has through was a mistake, for he should take in done the right social occasion to begin with.         When Antigones brothers, Polyneices and Etocles give demeanor in battle, Creon sets up an formula of the state that says for no one to bury Polyneices because he fought against Thebes. Antigone doesnt think that Creon is right and goes against him to bury Polyneices regardless. Creon finds this out and becomes enraged. He calls for Antigone to be brought off and locked up at at one time because she purposely went against his word. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
He entrust not listen to anything she says because of his ignorance. It was my brother not his slave that died pg. 213 His self-importance overcomes his right brainiac and he does not see the real picture. Antigone was notwithstanding doing what she felt was right. Because of his ignorance toward the situation, he disputes with his son Haemon, future maintain of Antigone, this leaving the two as bitter rivals. If you werent my father, Id say your mind had gone. pg. 225 Haemon then descends into the cave where Antigone is, lonesome(prenominal) to... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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