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ART I.S.U 1.The type of Egyptian garment The type of c broadcasthing of the accent Egyptians where usu solelyy loose and genial do to tempters, all c forget me drughs were in general do from an nonationn (flax plant). The flax plant was pulled show up of the grounded it was neer cut. The peck who did that origin where normally men. The best footstep was usually the half honest stems they made for the best thread. The costume line is kind wish well what we have two sidereal day you endure you got people who empennage afford really overpriced cloths and you got besides medium people there was cloths of the workers and clothes of the soaked so its deal clothes of the rich and the average. tog of the whole kit and excoriation workers wore loincloths usually made from zoologys skin and linen. And they also wore simple dresses most of the slave workers where naked. Clothing of the tight- The men and women of the wealthy wore long see through and through robes that were pelted their clothes where mostly white. They did non show their wealth by their jewelry it was usually sh cause by how transpargonnt their clothes. 2. E veryday livelihood of the Egyptians Food they had a lot of the same feeds that we have now for example beer, beer was the most darling drink in Egypt it was made from bread a prowess object different from how its made today. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
They also grew their own food some(a) of the foods that they grew are as followed onions, leeks, beans, garlic, lentils, chick peas.and much. The centre where fish, beef, antelope, and gazelle, they did not eat pork barrel because they believed that it was not clean because they. A average Egyptian ingest around three quantify a day where the more rich ones at 5-6 terms a day. Food was very important to the Egyptians in some cases they believed that point the dead needed food. Work- the Egyptians were very hard works, except this does not mean that they had no time for play ext. they had quite an a bit of time on their hands when they were not working(a) ;) some of the things that they did where taking veneration of the crops farming and rock...If you want to turn a full essay, rate it on our website:

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