Thursday, April 4, 2013

This is an opinion essay about US and Canada joining as one country

As a student who studies authorities and economics, I personally notice that it would be wise for twain great countries such as ground forces and Canada to join as unrivalled big one. The two countries have already established free trade and both(prenominal) have strong economies. If the two countries leave unite hence it pull up stakes jock their economy, tax reduction and will shell forth out the population which will help Canada for drill. Also it will set example to another countries and they might follow.

It is known that USA and Canada have established a free trade and do allot of business to ramher. If they join together as one country, they will be qualified to ship the resources all with out North America with no problem. Lets take chaff for example. If USA will not have the amount of resources, the likes of wheat, contracted to feed its people, Canadian provinces, like Alberta, who have a huge farming industry will be equal to(p) to supply USA with what is needed when USA will help Canada later on. When we signify technology, what if Canada had the technology that USA needs in order to get to a higher state in that field or technology and if Canada will share their discoveries or inventions, indeed USA will also be able to move on and share the findings with Canada. This way both countries will attain.

The alliance will also benefit the people. I think that if the county has a large population, then the government will be able to reduce the taxes because they might still get equivalent amount but from a greater number if they set intimately the taxes. Canada has people who like warmlyth which will move southwesterly and America has people who like cold which will sterilize them move to the south which will spread the...

This analyse is lunacy. in that respect are two giant populations to think about, neither of which involve to annex the other. The grapplements are not even fully correct, if you hadnt notice there was a tarrif on the Canadian softwood timber industry for the past couple of years, and where would the population spread out to; the vast nothingness that is Canada. If is a terrible essay and should not be on this site, as the arguments are not provided lacking but wrong, and the real arguements that one could possibly argue non-existant.

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In the blink of an eye paragraph you give specific examples of only how the USA could benefit from such merging. Also, I think free trade bathroom occur without problems without joining in one country. The statement about the reduction of taxes made me laugh; if the two countries join, the amount of taxes that need to be collected would be approximately equal to the sum of money of the amounts each country collects, not just to the taxes collected by the USA - therefore I dont see any reduction. In addition, I believe that some research needs to be made about the number of people who prefer warm weather and the number of people who prefer the cold. Only then you can make a valid statement that in the case of joining the population would spread evenly end-to-end the new country. The Euro: I am not sure whether its pass judgment rose or the value of the dollar fell because of the politics of USA. Perhaps you should compare it to some other currencies as sound. Besides, the European countries did not joined as one country, so the example is somewhat irrelevant. And for dessert, a joining that did not work well - think about the Soviet Union.

I understand exactly what you mean. However, this essay was writen in under an hour and me/my class were not allowed to hack it. So, I had to work with whatever popped into my head first.

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